Episode 58

The following day which was monday, Emeka returned from home and i gisted him on my sunday experience with armed robbers and also on what transpired between Angela and i while he laughed as he listened to my story,
“nawa for you oo, i wish those guys had succeeded in robbing you, choi your ‘motorola razor phone’ for don dey Ama awusa by now{your motorola razor phone would have been in market by now}” he joked while i smiled……

“anyway don’t worry i have a new pin{girl} who will be visiting today from Alvan, with her friend, so it depends on how you package yourself oo” he said to me while i nodded……

We didn’t go to school that day, cos we spent the later part of the morning arranging our room, after which we went to play card {gambling} at the end of the street. However we didn’t go to school that monday, cos our lectures had ended and we were all waiting for the pre-degree examination which was just days away…….

The two girls finally visited us around 3pm that day, while we smiled happily as we welcomed them,
“nawao for the kind direction you gave me” one of them said to Emeka who just smiled, pecked and apologised to her, while she equally smiled…… Her name is sonia while her friend’s name is Jessica, they weren’t really pretty or beautiful, even though they were kind of attractive in a way, cos they had fine shapes, {big bosoms and as.s} which really was what we needed, cos their beauty wasn’t important to us, after all we all know the law which states that “the more ugly a girl looks, the more easy to get she becomes” and according to our player’s diary, “ugly girls are players most easy prey, cos they are easily vunerable to sweet words and deception”……

We entertained them with malt, biscuits and local movies which we rented, and they stayed with us till 6pm, when they stood up to leave, but we pleaded, and *sweet talked* them into spending the night with us, which they hesitantly agreed to, while Emeka and i smiled happily as we heaved a sigh of relief…….

Around 9pm we all lay down together to sleep, while i prepared my mind for the task ahead. Minutes later i began to hear moaning and kissing sound from Emeka’s corner, which gave me the morale to gently touch jessica’s hand. She kept quiet and pretended to be asleep, which equally gave me the mind to slowly go up with my right hand, and i soon rested it on her right b---m, which was so soft and big. D--n my joystick sprang to life instantly, and it almost wounded me as it tried to tear my knicker……

“ooooohh aaaahhh” i soon heard sonia moan gently as Emeka worked on her, while i squeezed, fondled and caressed Jessica’s b-----s, but she soon silently pushed away my hands and backed me,…..

“Choi” i exclaimed in my mind when i touched her a-s, cos she knew not that she even helped the show by backing me. I immediately concentrated on her a-s, and worked on it, by feeling and caressing it. However she was wearing her jean trouser that night, cos she refused to wear any of our knickers just like her friend did, and so i had a hard time pulling it down, even though i finally succeeded, just because she quietly allowed me to pull it down, without restraining me. But one thing about this kind of rough play, is that the girl won’t say yes or no to you and so you only have to work with your instinct, and she even may claim you raped her the following morning…….

After shifting her tiny pant a little, i cautiously went through her k---y area with my fingers, before dipping it into the main honey pot, fingering and stroking wildly while she shook her a-s for me, but she really was tough, cos she never made a single sound all through my fingering…… After minutes of stroking, i quietly wore my condom, and penetrated her from behind, while i grabbed her bosoms for support, and jeez the d--n girl was so so sweet and hot…..

And I knacked away furiously, while she recieved me silently, with joyful abandon……

To be continued…..
{Alvan is a tertiary institution also located in owerri, Imo state capital}

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