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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 59


Episode 59

i held her big sweet as.s as i knacked her k---y furiously from behind, while she recieved me silently, and seriously she really was so sweet and hot that i didn’t even last long in the first minute…..

I whispered “thank you” into her ear as i pulled off my condom, and i equally kissed and bit her ear, as i caressed her back, shoulder and bosoms, in preparation for the second round, while she keep quiet and enjoyed my touch…….

I later turned her to face me minutes later, and into my mouth her left over squeezed b---m entered, and i bit and s----d the n----e so hard that she tried to push me off, while i resisted and s----d strongly……

A second condom was soon on my erect joystick, and i knelt in order to enter her in a missionary style, but she declined by lying on her stomach, and so i had no choice than to enter her from behind again, even though this time around, i lay atop her back, while my joystick slided into her k---y through her as.s region, and jeez it was so sweet cos her k---y appeared more tighter in that position, and so i knacked her gently, while my two hands grabbed a b---m each and fondled, as i kissed her neck and bit her ear, hmmmm it was so so sweet……….

She soon followed the tempo of my gyration, when i began to rotate in a clock wise motion, and she joined me by rotating her as.s in that same manner which really delighted me, and sincerely Jessica really do have a great which is good for s-x, and so happy was my joystick that fateful night, that it knacked away without fear……..

We were soon in our third round, and this time around, i crossed her left leg over my waist while i gently guided my joystick into her welcoming dripping hot k---y, as i held her giant as.s, fondling and squeezing it. She played with my chest, in this time particular round, squeezing and pinching my n-----s, while i carefully found her mouth with mine, our lips locked and we kissed passionately……

Seriously we made love that night as if we had known each other for long, and knowing the way girls do behave, i knew i would pay the price later, cos i equally knew it would be hard for a girl to give her body freely to a stranger without any plans or just for the fun of it, but i cared less as i knacked, and minutes later, i grabbed her as.s strongly as i jerked and poured……

I breathed deeply in satisfaction, while sweat drenched me, and i stared at her happily, but she immediately backed me again which made me to smile………

To be continued……
Our vforum romance story “betrayal” has commenced again, and i will post the second update on it later in the evening…..

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