Episode 61

As i went to buy roasted yam, later that tuesday evening, i met Angela{my young neighbour} at the gate,
“good evening” she greeted with a s-x.y smile, while i casually responded her greeting, in a normal brotherly manner, {the way i previously used to respond her greetings}. It really surprised her, but i cared not, and proceeded with a straight face to the junction, where i bought roasted yam……

I knew my action that fateful evening left her deep in thoughts, but then i knew i did the right thing and owed her no explanation, moreover i saw no need in having s-x with her anymore, since i already had gotten someone more matured and better. And from that moment she began to avoid me till the day i packed out of that compound, and i knew not whether it was hate or because she was ashamed, that made her avoid me…..

Thursday, a day before Jessica’s birthday, i entered school, just to look around and see what was happening, and as i stepped into our lecture hall, i saw Beauty sitting alone on a bench, pressing her phone. I immediately tried to dodge her by leaving the hall, cos since the day i saw her with the law student, whom she claimed was her boyfriend, i really couldn’t stand her presence any longer, and each time i stare at her, all i do see was the guy’s face, and so i always do avoid her, but this particular day i wasn’t so lucky and she looked up before i could leave the hall, which made me to stop and walk towards where she sat, in order to greet her with a fake smile, cos leaving the hall when she has already seen me, will result to cowardice on my part, which is a big f--k up……..

“hey how far” i greeted as i closed in on her, while she flashed me her usual smile, which revealed her beautiful set of white teeth,
“what brought you to school today” she asked,
“nothing really, but i guess finding you here is a good reward for coming to school” i replied, while she laughed,
“hmmmm frankyyy you never change, anyway i’m about going back to my hostel, would you care to follow me” she asked in a friendly manner while i smiled,
“sure i will” i replied. She immediately stood up, carried her handbag and to her hostel we went…….

I knew she had no bad intention in mind, when she asked ‘if i would like to follow her to her hostel’, other than trying to be nice and friendly, cos after she broke up with me, it just looked as if we were enemies who avoided each other, and so she saw that day as an opportunity to retain a level of friendship with me, while as a guy i reasoned differently, as i immediately planned either on getting her back with that opportunity, or taking my own pound of flesh by having s-x with her……..

We were soon in her room minutes later, where we smiled at each other with different motives in our mind……

And the coast was so clear for me, cos we were all alone in her room…….

To be continued….

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