Episode 62

I sat on Beauty’s bed and stared at her with a smile on my face, while she smiled back as she tried to act friendly,
“i have rice and stew, should i get you some” she asked minutes later, while i shook my head,
“no thanks i ate before coming to school” i replied…….

“so how are you preparing for the exam?” she drew nearer and asked me, while i did algebra in mind as i calculated the distance of her position, and how much effort it would take me to reach her……

Seriously even though i’m a guy who is very confident of his abilities, my heart still pounded fast and strong as i calculated and summoned the courage for my next line of action, while a small voice whispered,”guy this is beauty and not a cheap damsel oo” in my head……,

After what seemed like an eternity, i made my move, drew closer and held her hands as i stared directly into her eyes,
“baby come back to me nah, havn’t i suffered long enough?” i pleaded, while she equally stared at me in surprise, but before she could reply, someone knocked on her door. She got up immediately opened it, and there stood her new boyfriend on the door{way} with hands in his pocket…….

“Hey baby how far” she greeted him with a smile, which he casually responded to, while his eyes and mind were on me. He entered the room, managed to shake my hand, and dragged Beauty outside, where they argued for a while…….

I too was equally boiling with anger when i saw him, cos not only did he spoil my plans, i equally knew he won’t leave beauty alone with me, which was what i also would have done….

“guy! beauty and I are going somewhere, so please later you can visit again” he said to me when they returned, while Beauty looked away, and i immediately lost control of myself, as anger got hold of me,
“imagine on my own beauty kwa, chia insult upon injury” i lamented to myself,
“guy are you deaf, i said we are leaving and you are still sitting there” he said harshly, while beauty looked at him and squeezed his hand,
“guy don’t start what you can’t finish, i came to visit beauty and not you, so you can’t tell me when to leave, moreover don’t stick your head into what you don’t know” i stood up, faced him and said, while his face coloured as he stared at me angrily, but then i knew he was no match for me, cos he looked like an over pampered mumy’s boy……..

“are you threatening me?” he asked as he walked up to me, while beauty tried to hold him back, but he snatched away his hand. I saw a fork on her table grabbed it and faced him……

“look at this stinking Jew, do you think i’m joking, just one more comment and i will stick this into your eye, blind you for life and leave this school, if you don’t know who i’m, go and ask your friends before ranting” i said as i pointed the fork on his face…….

My words really got to him, and he stared at me for a while, looked back at beauty, shruggled and walked away,
“you could have told me, your Ex. is a cultist, tufiakwa” he said as he angrily left the room, while beauty sat on her bed with tears in her eyes…….

To be continued……

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