Episode 63

She covered her face with her palms and cried, which really touched and made me to sit beside her,
“i’m so sorry for everything, it’s just that i can’t stand and watch him insult me” i explained as i held her shoulder, but she just raised up her tearful face instantly, eyed and pushed me,
“you have ruined my relationship and destroyed my happiness again, hope you are now satisfied?, please just leave my room and let me be” she said angrily, while i watched her silently, without a single clue on what next to do……..

But even though i knew that i hurt her with my behaviour, i equally knew that i had every right to defend myself from that silly boy, if not for anything but for my pride, cos i really can’t stand and be humiliated by another guy over a girl i even befriended before him, and i equally knew that if another chance should present itself, i will still repeat what i just did……..

She later cleaned her tears, composed herself, grabbed her phone, and began dialing a number which wasn’t going through,
“dear i’m very sorry about everything, lets just forget it and move on” i pleaded, as i drew close to her again, but this time around, she sprang up furiously and landed a hot slap on my face, which dazed me momentarily,
“choi who said women are weak?” i asked myself, as i felt her slap which stung and hurt my left ear a hundred times over,
“please just leave my room” she shouted, which made my anger to return, and i immediately rushed out of her room angrily and without looking back, in order not to do something i would later regret to her……..

But as i left for my room that day, an evil thought occurred to me,
“why not deal with that jew boy and make sure he dosen’t make up with Beauty again” i reasoned and it really sounded like a good reasoning to me, since i already knew that the boy was scared of me because he thought i was a cultist…….

I entered our room deep in my own thoughts, while Emeka looked at me with a smile,
“what’s that look on your face?” he asked.
I just smiled back at him, before walking into our small kitchen, in order to warm my soup and prepare garri, cos i returned very hungry. But when i opened the pot of soup, i saw no soup in it, and my anger returned again,
“guy wetin happen to the soup i just prepared yesterday?” i asked him angrily, but he smiled and acted as if it was nothing, which really pained me more
“guy chill nah, later i go yarn you” he replied casually, while my anger boiled and rose very fast, cos i just prepared it the previous day without any form of assistance from him, and what pained me more, was how he finished it without remaining a little for me, and in my anger i knew not when i threw the pot at him,
“guy i don’t like this your cunning behaviour, you are too old for it” i said to him angrily, while he gasped at me with surprise and anger before charging at me,
“am i the person you just threw that pot at?” he asked as he closed in on me. I stood my ground and faced him,
“yes wetin you go fit do eeh?” i asked Emeka, a guy who is stronger, bigger and about three years older than I………..

He just bit his lips angrily, carried the open dirty pot and placed it on my head as if it was a cap……..

“oya do what’s on your mind” he challanged me……

To be continued……..
Our romance story, “betrayal” comes up later tonight in vforum….

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