Episode 64

Emeka stood with anger on his face as he waited for me to react, while I immediately shook my head and the pot crashed on the floor soiling our rug. I then pushed him on the chest, which sent him back a few steps, but he soon regained his balance and advanced towards me again,
“guy i thought you are eager to fight me, what is holding you nah?” he asked while i eyed him, carried the empty pot and entered our kitchen again, cos truthfully even though i was very angry and bitter for what he did, i couldn’t really summon the courage to fight him, moreover what is the need of engaging in a fight i sure knew i would lose…….

I sat alone in the kitchen while my thoughts kept me company, cos it just looked as if everything was against me, and i just sat there hungry and unhappy without seeing a scape goat to unleash my anger on, cos sometimes unleashing your anger on someone else is a good method of reducing anger or calming yourself………

“Enyia{friend} come make we go out and eat” i soon heard him say to me an hour later, while i kept quiet and said nothing,
“abeg stand up jor make we go eat, or are you now also angry with food, i thought you dey vex for me alone?” he asked, while i yawned and stood up,
“you go add one bottle on top of that food you wan buy” i said seriously, while he laughed,
“change your clothes make we go jare” he equally added……

He bought a plate of garri, egusi soup with three giant meat and a bottle of star for me that afternoon which brought out laughter from my mouth, and we were soon gisting happily like we used to, while i equally told him about what happened between beauty and I earlier in the day,
“hahahaha, i’m solidly behind you, when do you want us to deal with that stupid boy?” he asked,
“probably by Next week” i replied……..

“mehn i hosted some friends in our room when you left for school, we played card{gambled}, and i won all their money, so in pity i offered them the soup, but don’t worry we have enough money to flex today” he explained while i immediately felt remorse for trying to fight him earlier, but then as guys we hardly apologise or say “i’m sorry” to each other, and all i then did was just to shake his hand which explained everything,
“two more bottles please” i ordered while he stared at me,
“why you dey look me like that?, we have enough money nah” i joked, he just shook his head and smiled…..

We later returned to our room in the evening, with our earlier quarrel forgotten and discarded. We then spent all night playing card{not gambling} and joking…….

Finally friday arrived, Jessica’s birthday, i woke up by 6:30am with a yawn…….

To be continued……
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