Episode 65

“guy today is Jessica’s birthday, hope you still remember?” i said to Emeka in the morning, and he laughed,
“yeaaaaaa enough flexing today ooo” he shouted happily while i just watched him silently……..

“so what is your plan” he later asked me, while i shruggled,
“nothing much, just fast-food things” i replied while he nodded,
“it’s okay nah, you try self after all you may not be the only person enjoying her” he added,
“naso bro” i replied…….

“hullo baby happy birthday” i said to Jessica when i called her on phone around 10:30am that friday morning,
“thanks dearie, so what are your plans for me?” she asked anxiously,
“relax baby, just come to Mr Fans Mbari street with your friend by 5pm” i said to her, while she kept quiet for a while, before asking,
“baby isn’t 5pm too late?” she asked with an unhappy tone,
“i have a test to write in school today, that’s why i fixed it by 5pm, when i will be chanced” i lied to her,
“ok dear thanks alot,” she said before i ended the call……….

By 5:15pm, Emeka and i were already seated in Mr fans, were we drank malt as we waited for them. A bike soon dropped she and her friend, and they stepped into the fast food joint looking very sweet and breath-taking, while Jessica’s a-s dangled behind her. Seriously her a-s really is one of a kind, and i couldn’t help but to start imagining things as they walked towards us……..

“my sweet baby” i said as we hugged, while she smiled happily. Fried rice, chicken and drinks were soon on our table, and we all devoured it with hungry apetite……..

We really spent up to an hour and half there, cos one thing about “Mbari street Mr Fans”, is that they have good, spacious and accomodating chairs, which is well demarcated from the next table, thereby giving you a little form of privacy to do as you wish while you eat and relax………

Finally by 7:05pm we headed back to our room with Jessica and her friend, in order to conclude her birthday celebration with good s-x, which really was why i had chosen to meet her in the evening, {so that she could spend the night with me}……..

Hmmmmm, and that particular night was so sweet for both of us, cos for the first time she totally freed herself for me, while i knacked her in different positions. she really took me well that night with her k---y, while her as.s bounced up and down, as i slammed her from behind, seriously Flavour{the musician} made no mistake when he sang about ükwü nwanyi owerri{as.s of owerri girl} and if you havn’t yet tasted an owerri girl with a big a.ss, you really need to do so and confirm, cos it tastes like öfe owerri{owerri soup}……..

And my joystick rested not that night, as i knacked her sweet k---y while she recieved me with joyful abandon…….

“This is real food” i said to myself that night, as i moved my waist to and fro…..

To be continued……

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