Episode 67

I was still desperately trying Micheal’s number when Nicki walked up to me,
“hey longest time!” she greeted, while i forced out a smile,
“hmmm you still look cool” i replied and she smiled. Since the day i walked out of her room, we had avoided each other but i guess exam day really isn’t just an ordinary day and as she stood by my side, it seemed as if she had forgotten how it ended between us, she really looked sharp and sexy as usual that particular day and as she smiled and talked, it looked as if she wasn’t bothered about the exam……….

But then she was the least of my worries and i still sweated as i frantically dialed Micheal’s number which still wasn’t going through,
“this one you are sweating like a goat, what’s wrong?” i soon heard her ask me while i forced out a smile again,
“i’m waiting for a friend” i replied……….

Emeka soon left us and disappeared without telling me where he was going, and i never bothered to ask him cos i was extremely bothered with my own problem. It wasn’t as if i won’t be able to copy and attempt some questions on my own, but then i knew i won’t be able to get or make the required cut off mark with it, cos Imsu is a state university most Jambities applied and are willing to die for, and so there is a whole lot of competition for a place in the already over populated school…….

Nicki soon left me and went to join her female friends, when she noticed that my company was boring and i cared not cos i already had a deep burden on my chest………

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, i saw Micheal as he walked towards me and i heaved a sigh of relief,
“sorry my guy, my phone fell into a bucket of water this morning, and i have been searching for you since 7am” he explained, while i stared at him happily as i thanked God,
“hope my money is ready?, you will have to pay me before i enter the hall, cos you might disappear after the exam” he said with a cunning smile, while i looked at him suspiciously,
“how about i pay half, after the exam i complete it?” i asked him, but he just shook his head,
“i can’t take that risk, moreover you know what will happen if i get caught, school senate will withdraw my admission, so pay me complete now or i won’t enter the exam hall” he said, I shruggled in resignation and paid him…….

It took our lecturers two hours to organise the students, cos the crowd of students were too much for them, and i really never knew that we were that much and i realised that day, that most students never do attend lectures, cos lots of new and unknown faces were everywhere that particular day…..

Finally exam started and i sat on an empty class within Extension area and watched what was happening with a beating heart, as if i was watching a Nigerian football match, twenty minutes into the exam, i saw a security man drag Micheal towards the security room at Imsu pre-degree gate, but before they could reach there, Micheal broke free and ran towards extension area, which was equally in my direction, i sprang up immediately and intercepted him,
“guy wetin happen?” i anxiously asked with a beating heart,
“A lecturer caught me, guy try find a way and write your exam oo” he said with a laboured breathe, while my mind flew and my heart froze again……….

“Damnnnnnn!” I cursed fearfully….

To be continued……
Our forum story “Betrayal” & the second part of today’s diary story will be posted later in the day, while our crime story continues next week… HAPPY SUNDAY DEAREST FRIENDS……
proudly Nigeria…

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