Episode 68

Tears formed in my eyes as i watched him and swallowed hard, seriously i really can’t describe how i felt that moment, cos saying that i was heart broken is an understatement, moreover i equally knew not what to do that moment, cos not only was i on the verge of missing the one and only exam which will decide my future with Imsu, i also stood the chance of losing my money which was still in micheal’s pocket, but then, money wasn’t my problem cos all my thoughts were on the next step to take inorder not to miss my exam………

“guy rush and enter the exam hall before its too late, i didn’t tell them anything” he said to me while i watched him with a fast pounding heart, cos my morale really failed me that moment,
“what if he is lying” i reasoned, cos micheal looked like someone who was only anxious to save his own head and i really was very scared of walking into a trap,
“guy what are you waiting for?, rush and see whether you can write anything, you can upgrade your score later” he urged me, while i looked at him with a double mind and with confusion. Seriously our luck that day was that the security man didn’t pursue Micheal{though they hardly do so, cos it is a futile deed pursuing a student who is fleeing for his life and future}

Finally i summoned up courage and walked into one of the exam halls where three lecturers stared at me with surprise and disbelief clearly written on their faces……

“are you for this exam?” one of them asked me, while i walked towards them and nodded, and there was silence between them as they looked at each other as if i have demanded for more food like Oliver twist…….

“my son what says your time?” an elderly invigilator asked me, while i keep quiet and said nothing,
“children of these days will never cease to amaze me, imagine coming for an important exam by this timd of the day” a female lecturer said and hissed, while others shook their heads for me,
“I won’t be responsible for your failure, take this question paper and answer sheet idiot” the elderly invigilator said as he handed the materials to me, while the female lecturer took me to an empty seat at the back, where she dumped me………

However i thanked God as i sat down, cos i couldn’t believe it would be so easy for me, though i didn’t enter the exam hall where Micheal was caught……

I tried my best in copying and ticking my answer sheet, as i copied from back, front and center, without caring and minding cos i had no time left, but the security man who had earlier caught Micheal soon came into the exam hall and stopped by my side. He is a tall light skinned heavily built man, who seemed to be the head of Imsu security then{some imsu old students here will know him}……..

“give me your handset” he quietly said to me, while i looked up, stared at him for a while and obeyed, without asking the reason cos i saw he was very serious and determined……..

“come and meet me at the main security building after the Exam” he said to me and left, while i cursed myself for being a dull, unserious and carefree student…….

Cos i needed nobody to tell me that i had fallen into a big pot of boiling soup……..

To be continued…….
With the end of frank’s story, our main diary story season 2b will immediately commence, highlighting how coolval struggled to keep his relationship with Adaora, while still feeling strongly for chinwe, his little romance with fellow corpers, frank and his wahala coupled with how his blog spoiled some runz for him……….
Do watch out for a mind blowing, suspence filled season 2B……

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