Episode 69

An hour later, the exam was over and our answer sheets were collected, there was smile on my face when i submitted my paper, cos i was able to fill up my answer sheet, even though i knew not whether i copied correctly, but then the prayer of most students is just to fill up their answer sheet, which equally was my prayer and so happy i was when i submitted my answer sheet………….

I searched for Micheal but couldn’t find him, which really gave me concern, but i soon forgot about him, as i walked towards the main security office, located around Imsu front gate………

Lots of students were already in the security office pleading their own cases, when i got there, so i just stood in a corner and observed what was happening. Seriously it just looked like exam periods are like christmas to the security staff, and i couldn’t help but notice the smiles on their faces as they threatened students, which equally resulted to high pay off by frightened students who didn’t want any security issue on their academic profile………

Thirty minutes later i stood face to face with the tall security man, who earlier seized my phone,
“ehee so at your age you already have learnt how to hire a student to impersonate for you eeh?” he asked while i kept quiet,
“you are very lucky i didn’t march you out of that hall, anyway you are still going to fill a security form” he said to me seriously, while i looked at him and swallowed hard…,……

“sir please is there anything i can do to avert filling this form?” i pleaded, while he looked at me and shruggled,
“it’s the law and i can’t change it” he replied with a mean look, while my heart pounded wildly in my chest……….

“let me have your i.d, i forgot to take it when i collected your phone,” he said to me as he stood up, while i gasped cos i knew the consequencies of giving him my i.d, and i cursed Micheal in my mind cos it was very obvious he sold me out,
“but sir you already have my name please lets settle this here” i pleaded, while he closed in on me and rendered a powerful slap on my face, which made other students outside to gasp when they had the sound,
“you can have your phone after giving me your i.d card” he said as he brought out my phone from his left pocket, while i eyed it. In my mind i already knew it will all end with money, but then i really knew not the format to use and ask how much my freedom will cost, but instantly an idea occurred in my head,
“why are you begging him, you are not yet a full time imsu student, you have no matric number or department, your pre-degree i.d will soon be invalid and he really has nothing strong to pin you down, grab your phone and RUN” my mind advised me, while i looked up and saw him seriously watching and waiting for me to bring out my i.d card……..

Without another thought, i snatched my phone from his grasp and fled, which really surprised him, and before he could get himself, i had already passed their corridor, as i headed towards the main gate, where i immediately disappeared from sight……….

But even though i escaped him, my mind never really rested until my result came out months later, and did i later collect my money from Micheal??

Hmmmm i guess it’s a story for the next episode, however what i knew not till today is whether it was Micheal who planned the whole thing, in order to scam me or don’t you think so??………..

To be continued…..

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