Episode 72

I was knelt beside Emeka, with slaps and kicks which they rendered on me, while i helplessly begged them. Seriously some guys are very heartless when dealing with people and i weeped in my heart, even though i fought tears from showing on my face, while the heartless boys kept on beating and taunting us……..

They later searched us like thieves and we offered no resistance as one of them collected our phones and money. we were simply out numbered, and i couldn’t really believe that such a thing was happening to me,
“please God let this be a dream” i prayed……..

Nobody came to our rescue or even tried to stop them nor plead in our behalf, instead some students laughed and enjoyed what they were doing to us while other occupants of the hostel who couldn’t come out, watched from their windows………

Hmmmm we were totally disgraced, embarrassed, and humilated that fateful day, while Emeka was simply overwhelmed by what besieged him and i really felt sorry for him cos he recieved more beating than i, and for the first time i saw a fighter like him surrender………..

“guys let us collect their clothes nah” i soon heard one of them say, while another poured a glass of beer on Emeka which really vexed him greatly, and he jumped up…….

“wetin self this thing don too much nah nawaoo” he shouted, while more slaps and kicks descended on him cos his action infuriated them more…….

“shut up idiot RBC we never even start” they shouted, while i watched with a beating heart as the guy who earlier took our phones left his friends and headed towards the gate. Tears dropped from my eyes as i watched him, cos i knew my phone was about to disappear forever, but suddenly Emeka jumped up, and made a bolt for it, which really surprised and gave me hope, cos i had been expecting him to do it since, but it seemed like his pride had stood in the way…….

Without second thoughts i quickly sprang up and followed him, while they shouted to the guy who earlier took our phones and who was at the gate that moment, to lock it as they pursued us, but then Emeka was a guy fleeing for his life, and very furious was he as he ran, that he grabbed a piece of plank{wood} which lay on the ground and gave the guy at the gate a powerful blow which sent him down, with his head resting on the gate……

“choi harrison is down oo” the guys chasing us screamed, while i equally panicked, doubled my speed, and overtook Emeka who momentarily stopped to search the fallen guy’s pocket, and he was very lucky to get away before they could get him, which really was just close, and they chased us so hotly that evening, even though we soon gave them a good distance, cos we were fleeing for our lives……..

We finally stopped a bike at “bishop’s court junction” {a junction not very far from the hostel we were attacked” which took us back to our residence, and So grateful to God we were, when we finally got to our room in one piece……..

“nna mehn” was all Emeka could say as he returned my “motorola razor phone”, while i stared at him without saying anything, cos my voice was yet to return from the cult infested hostel where i left it when i ran………

To be continued……….

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