Episode 73

Emeka really wasn’t himself through out the rest of that day, and he just behaved like someone who was disgraced in front of his younger siblings. We had our supper early and he went to bed early, while i lay awake with my own thoughts………

Seriously i knew not what else to do, cos Micheal wasn’t really my mate, moreover our business transaction wasn’t legitimate, which really left me with no other solution than to forget about him and the money………….

We woke up the following morning with the events of the previous day rushing back into us and i stared at Emeka while he stared back and shook his head,
“it’s now time for us to play dirty” he finally said to me while i stared at him with fear in my heart, cos i knew nothing will push me into undertaking on that kind of adventure again……….

“are you listening?” he asked while i nodded,
“he won us in his own game, now is time for us to launch a counter attack” he said to me while i nodded like a child,
“but we don’t have the resources or guys for such fight” i heard myself say to him while he smiled,
“who is talking of physical fight eeh?, now is time for a spiritual fight or have you forgotten my abilites with leaves and black magic?” he asked while i smiled and nodded with relief, cos at least black magic appeared less risky to me……….

Even though i had seen him perform one or two tricks with leaves, smoke and fire, i really never believed strongly in the effectiveness of black magic, cos all i knew was that it was just laws of physics and chemistry practised in a crude or local way………….

“we will travel to my hometown together this weekend and when we return you will see what will happen” he said with confidence while i smiled…………

Jessica and her friend visited us later in the evening and spent the night with us……. We had a whole lot of fun that night, which momentarily took away the memories of the previous day from us, and the girls were like Angels who were sent to calm our nerves and restore our broken spirit………

As i dug in and out of jessica’s k---y, my strength returned to me, while my blood pressure returned to normal, and truthfully her big a-s appeared bigger to me that night, and the sweetness was so d--n strong that i couldn’t resist going three d----e rounds on her, and her massive a-s withstood all the knacking as it bounced up and down which really turned me on greatly………..

Seriously my love for Jessica rested on her massive a-s which really is one of a kind and i finally slept with my head on her as.s as if it was a pillow…………

Finally saturday morning approached, which saw Emeka and i heading straight to Okigwe his hometown to secure a charm………….

Hmmmmmm and in my mind i knew i was undertaking in another adventure which i knew not how it will end, but then i couldn’t say no to him cos he thought he was doing the right thing for me……..

To be continued…….
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