Episode 74

we got to Okigwe{Emeka’s hometown} around 9:45am, and an hour later, he took me on his motorcycle to Uturu the town where Abia state university is located……..

It really was my first time of visiting that area and truthfully i wasn’t really impressed by what i saw, cos if not for the university located there, i knew not how that part of Abia state will look like{2006}………

Emeka finally stopped his bike in front of a poorly built apartment, and a boy his age opened the door and welcomed us,
“enyia{friend} see how big you have grown” he said to Emeka as they shook hands,
“hope there is bush meat in this house?” Emeka asked him jokinly while he laughed,
“my brother bush animals are now very wise ooo, to catch them is no longer easy but i have palmwine” he replied as he stared at me……….

“meet my roomate and friend his name is frank” he introduced me to him while i nodded with a smile,
“frank meet my very good friend Orji, he is my father’s assistant” he equally introduced him to me…..,..

We soon settled down in his small sitting room where he offered us a jug filled up with palmwine,
“fresh from the tree and undiluted” he said with a smile while Emeka shook his hand again,
“you are a real man” he praised him. They soon discussed about some medicinal plants and roots as we drank the palmwine and i paid no attention to them cos i wasn’t understanding what they were discussing. He later left us and disappeared into his backyard where he spent close to thirty minutes before returning with a black nylon bag, which he gave to Emeka who smiled happily as he took it from him,
“yea everything is now settled, i have gotten all the materials i will need” he said to me as he got up. We shook Orji’s hand again in appreciation and left………..

Our journey back to Okigwe was really very swift, cos Emeka rode his bike very fast while i held my breathe fearfully with prayers on my lips as he sped and sang like a drunk tout………

He finally slowed down a bit when he got to a small junction, while i breathed deeply,
“guy will you like to see Anabel?” he asked,
“yea nah” i immediately answered, and he smiled as he fired up his bike, took a narrow road and stopped in front of a small shop,
“this is her mum’s shop, she will be there” he said as he pointed to a shop, while i brought out my phone and called her,
“hmmm this one you remembered me today nawaoo” she said happily when she answered her phone,
“i’m at your shop” i said to her,
“it’s a lie” she replied,
“come out and see for yourself nah” i said before ending the call, and she soon rushed out from their shop looking very natural and s-x.y, while i instantly felt h---y as i saw her………

I swallowed hard as she hugged me while my joystick almost embarrassed me as it raised it’s head……. And in my mind i knew it was time for me to taste her cherry, cos truthfully nothing turns me on like a cherry i’m yet to taste, and as she smiled happily and looked at me innocently, all that was in my mind that moment, was on how to taste her sweet cherry in Emeka’s house……..

To be continued…….
{Anabel is the girl who preached to me instead of giving me her cherry the day she visited me}

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