Episode 75

“baby how can we see again today, i want to spend some time with you?” i asked with an innocent face as i held her hand, while she just looked at me with a smile and shruggled,
“i also want to spend a little time with you, but it won’t be today cos i’m assisting my mum in the shop” she replied,
“baby please even if it’s for thirty minutes, can’t you manage and do it for me?” i begged while she looked down unhappily,
“please i can’t but i can manage tomorrow” she replied and stared at me, in a manner which told me that she wasn’t happy for disappointing me, and i stared back at her unhappily, cos i knew Emeka and i will be going back to owerri the next day………..

“I will be going back to owerri tomorrow” i said to her, while she stared at me innocently and unhappily,
“don’t worry i will make out time and visit you in owerri again” she promised, while i smiled and hugged her………..

Later in the afternoon Emeka took me to their backyard were he brought out the leaves, root and red powder which orji gave to him,
“i’m about to prepare a powerful cream which will inflict a deadly sickness on Micheal” he boasted while i watched him with a smile………

There really wasn’t anything magical as he prepared the cream, cos he just mixed some leaves which he sprinkled water on, before pounding it with a pestle, after which he poured a spoilt red oil on it, burnt some roots, took their ashes and added to the leaves he pounded, after which he poured them all inside a small pot which he placed on fire, added an ointment and smiled to me,
“it’s almost ready hahahahaha” he said happily while i stared at him,
“so how does the cream work?” i asked with interest and he smiled again,
“i only just need to rub or touch any part of his body with the cream, just a touch and within two days, rashes which look like scabies and boils will appear on all parts of his body and it’s uncurable with white medicine, so he will save himself only by going to a strong native doctor like me” he boasted, while i laughed
” so why are you still going to school when you have already gotten a nice profession” i joked and he smiled,
“a native doctor with a degree is a good honour nah, moreover my dad promised to send me to India when i’m done with school” he explained happily while i smiled………

His cream was soon ready and he stored it in a small bottle,
“hehehehe Micheal it’s me and you” he said with a grin……….

Lovelyn{his old time girlfriend} visited him later in the evening and spent the night in his room as usual…… And i couldn’t sleep that night cos they both denied me sleep as they knacked each other furiously, and roughly……. And With the way lovelyn was moaning and struggling with him that night, i knew they were doing it raw as usual,
“oh yea baby baby ooooooooo mmmhhhgggg ahhhh yes yes yes” she sang as Emeka furiously knacked her worn out k---y over my head……….

To be continued………
Happy Valentine’s day friends!!
I just wish i’m still a student.. Lol

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