Episode 76

Seriously, sleeping in the same room with Emeka and lovelyn really was no fun, cos their love making really was the rough type, and they never cared nor bothered to take it easy, even when they weren’t alone, hmmmm and that night was one of those nights where i was forced to listen to the sound of love making which i wasn’t part of, and lovelyn herself cared not as she moaned and sang like a bird, while Emeka knacked her roughly as if he was on drugs……….

“baby please reduce your voice” i finally heard him whisper to her, when her moaning became a little too high,
“then take it easy nah and change your style my back is paining me” she replied, while i blocked my ear with a pillow and blanket, cos listening to them as they talked, really had an effect on me, but yet, after blocking my ears, i still heard them as they discussed……..

D--n! i cursed as i swallowed hard and i prayed for sleep to come, but my prayers weren’t answered and so i endured bitterly and silently as they made love……..

“Fipia fipia fipia fipia” soon became the only sound i heard, as Emeka continued with the destruction of her already worn out k---y. Yea he really spoiled and rendered the elasticity of lovelyn’s k---y useless, with the constant raw s-x which they engaged in, and seriously on a very good day when nobody was around, they tend to do it more often like mad dogs, which really made her Emeka’s favourite, cos he really never joked with her………….

And i equally knew that Emeka took their affair to the next level when he introduced her to his family, but then i really knew not why he did it, cos i could swear he never planned to marry her, and i equally knew not, how it would end, cos they behaved as if they had a sort of bond between them…… But however another mistake i also made, was thinking that it will be Emeka who would dump her, which was very wrong, but then the story of Emeka and lovelyn really is a long one, which taught me a lot and made me to realise that a girl can equally have the mind of a boy……….

Finally after what seemed like eternity, i heard them joke and laugh as they breathed heavily,
“Thank gawd they are done” i muttered silently, and within minutes i slept off………

By 2pm sunday afternoon we were already back in owerri, where our thoughts focused once again on how to deal with Micheal, but my thoughts were soon kept aside when Jessica visited me later in the evening, looking very sad and worried……….

“what is it dear?” i heard myself ask her with concern, while she looked down and said nothing,
“have i gotten her pregnant?” i asked myself fearfully…….

To be continued……….

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