Episode 77

“baby tell me what is it?” i asked her with a beating heart, while i equally searched my memory for a day i made a mistake when having s-x with her, but i couldn’t remember any, which made me to shruggle with resignation as i stared at her,
“what could be the problem?” i asked myself again……….

“baby” she called me as she raised up her face and we stared into each others eyes for a while,
“do you love me?” she asked,
“yea i do baby” i replied, while she breathed deeply and held my right hand……..

“baby i know you are a fellow student but i need help, i have no other option than to seek your help which i know is not that good, but you are the only person i can run to, cos you are the only male friend i have” she said to me, while i nodded my head for her to continue………..

“our 1st semester exam is starting by next monday and i’m yet to buy any text books, but i came to you because my uncle who promised to send me the money just had an accident yesterday, and my parents are too broke to do something, please help me, all my hope is on you, i promise to pay back” she said as she stared into my eyes, and i swallowed hard as i stared back at her coloured face which bore a sad look……..

I felt relieved that her problem wasn’t a s-x related issue, but then my heart still jumped cos i saw pain, seriousness and truth in what she just said to me, but then i really had no money on me cos i had recklessly spent them, during the period i wrote my pre-degree exam, and i stared at her without knowing what to tell her, cos truthfully even though i only was in love with her big a-s, she really was a nice girl who had never demanded anything from me apart from the day she celebrated her birthday, and my biggest problem was on how to tell her that i was equally broke, cos i was living a lie, and pretending to be a big boy.
So i knew she won’t believe me if i should tell her the truth, but instead she would think i was just being stingy and heartless……….

Seriously i knew not what to tell her, as she stared hopefully at me, and in my mind i knew it would be very disastrous to tell her the bitter truth, cos sometimes a sweet lie is better than a painful truth, but however i equally didn’t want to tell her a lie which will give her hope that i will help her with some money and seriously this is a stage when you start wishing to be celibate………..

“Baby why are you quiet please say something you are making me nervous with your silence” she said to me as she squeezed my right hand, while i stared at her and swallowed hard……..

“baby you just came at a very bad time when i had already spent all my money in school stuff” i finally said quiely. but i immediately saw disappointment on her face as tears formed in her eyes, which she immediately closed and i felt very much for her which made me change my words……..

“but i will try and run around for you before wednesday” i heard myself promise, cos i couldn’t bear to see her disappointed or see her cry, and so i made the promise i knew not how to fulfill, in order to stop her tears from flowing…………

She then opened her eyes, smiled and hugged me,
“thanks darling, you just saved a poor girl” she said happily to me while i prayed and called for God to help me, cos i knew not where to get at least four to five thousand naira for her……….

To be continued……..

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