Episode 78

My thoughts were soon interrupted when she drew close and kissed me softly,
“how about a quickie before Emeka returns” she said to me happily and with a sexy smile, which immediately turned on my joystick and i smiled as i held her jaw and returned her kiss tenderly, but then even though i was very much tempted to have s-x with her, my spirit refused to be turned on, cos i was very scared of taking advantage of her happiness when i wasn’t yet sure on how to fulfill my promise………..

Supposing she was another girl, i wouldn’t have thought twice before taking advantage of her happy mood, but jessica wasn’t just an ordinary girl to me, cos she just behaved like a girlfriend to me. And so as i kissed her, i really didn’t put my mind into it and so it really wasn’t a good kiss which she equally noticed, and when our kiss ended she just stared at me, with concern
“sure you are ok?” she asked while i smiled to her again,
“everything is okay dear, i’m only just bothered because of your plight” i replied, which made her to smile,
“thanks a lot for being there for me” she said as she pecked me, without even knowing the reason i was bothered about her plight………

We finally managed a round which really didn’t last long, but she never complained which was good enough for me and when she later left, i was thrown into another deep thinking as i reasoned and thought of a solution which wasn’t forthcoming, and there really wasn’t anything else for me to do other than to take the bill to my parents, which wasn’t a wise decision, but then i had to do it cos i had no choice, and so i was left with another big problem which was on how to construct a credible lie, my parents could buy cos they already knew that i was done with my p.d exam…………

“guy do you have any idea on how we can get close to Micheal?” Emeka asked me after our night meal, but i just looked at him and shook my head,
“lets forget about Micheal for now, before thursday i will come up with a solution” i replied carelessly, cos my top priority that moment was on how to settle Jessica, but then my comment really made Emeka angry, and as he stared at me, i regretted uttering them
“what do you mean by that comment, hope you are not trying to backout at this stage” he asked me, while i forced a smile
“don’t bother about Micheal, i know his department, and i know we can find him there if we look well” i replied seriously, which calmed him down and he smiled,
“you could have said so earlier nah” he said to me, while i said nothing, as i focused all my thoughts back to Jessica’s problem, which really was eating me up. Seriously girls don’t know what they put us through whenever they demand for money………

The following day which was monday, Emeka dragged me to school and so anxious was he to carry out his evil deed that he was even the one who woke me from sleep that morning,
“enyia{friend} the time is 6:45am do fast and prepare cos we are going to Micheal’s department” he had said to me, while i stared at him and said nothing, and by 9am monday morning, we were already under an unbrella tree close to Micheal’s department as we waited anxiously for him to show up………

To be continued…..

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