Episode 79

we waited till 11:30am but micheal was no where in sight, while i became restless. I eyed Emeka multiple times but he failed to notice as he bit his lips and played music with his china phone. Naturally Emeka isn’t a bad person and i knew for him to be very serious about the whole revenge stuff, meant that the beating he got in 4 in 1 hostel really touched his spirit very well. As for me even though i needed the money badly, i really had no mind to carry out such revenge and left for me i would have forgotten about the whole issue………

12noon my stomach began biting me due to hunger, cos we didn’t eat before leaving our room that morning and i stared at him for a while,
“guy are you not hungry?” i asked, while he looked at me and sighed,
“guy i’m very hungry oo” he replied and the way he said it made me laugh,
“lets go and eat in the cafe nah we won’t spend more than thirty minutes there” i said to him,
“buh you know this idiot can come and go within that thirty minutes” he replied while i stood up,
“if we don’t get him today there is still tomorrow nah” i answered while he shruggled and stood up,
“okay lets go” he said…………..

We strolled to school cafe located at the back of love garden, where we ordered for fried rice, beans and plantain, and as we ate silently, i saw micheal and a slim looking girl, as they ate at the extreme end of the cafe,
“guy Micheal is even here look at him” i shook Emeka excitedly, while he followed my gaze and smiled as he saw him
“yea that’s the devil himself” he said as he brought out his bottled charm and another cream-like substance immediately, which he applied on his hand before rubbing the main charm as well,
“won’t you finish your food first before doing it?” i asked,
“food can wait till i’m done” he replied as he got up and walked towards Micheal’s table, while i stayed behind, cos i couldn’t just abandon my food for Micheal’s sake……….

He shook hands with Micheal when he got to his table and i really knew not what they said to each other, except that Micheal looked towards my direction when they talked. He soon returned to our table with a satisfied smile on his face, which was a good indication that he succeeded with his plan, while i equally smiled at him,
“how did it go?” i anxiously asked as he washed his hands with a satchet of water,
“it went fine, i told him we are ready to settle everything peacefully which he bought and said we should call him on phone tomorrow” he explained happily,
“so whats next?” i asked,
“nothing much but i think we will skip tomorrow and call him on wednesday in order to see the result of my leaves” he replied while i nodded in agreement cos i couldn’t really wait to see the result of his leaves………

But then the way Micheal relaxed in the cafe even after seeing us clearly told me that he wasn’t scared of us and because of that the little guilt i earlier had disappeared…………

I later travelled home that same monday in order to solicit for money from my parents, which i badly needed in fulfilling the promise i made to Jessica, but it really wasn’t easy and my mum’s reply that monday evening shocked me………

“you will have to wait till next monday, i have no money for now” she had replied without even waiting for me to finish the lie i prepared for her, as if she already knew what was in my mind……..

To be continued…….

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