Episode 80

I couldn’t sleep that night as i laid awake thinking of how to go about Jessica’s issue, but no idea was forthcoming apart from the original plan, which was to get the money from my parents……

Tuesday morning i approached my dad for help before he left for work, but he barely listened to me and the only reply i got from him was “i should speak to my mum”, which i already knew would be his answer cos he hardly does anything without my mum’s approval which is very very bad. I went to the kitchen to beg my mum again but before i could talk she spoke,
“we will be going to the farm today so get yourself ready cos i will need your help since you are around” she said to me while i bit my lips and said nothing, cos i really do hate farm work with passion, moreover time was equally running out for me……..

I had no choice but to follow her to the farm that morning and i equally used the opportunity to sell my lies to her, but she didn’t say anything and i was kept me in great suspence. Later in the evening Jessica called me on phone,
“baby hope you still remember your promise?” she asked me after the usual pleasantries, while i swallowed hard as i answered yea………

I was also unable to sleep that tuesday night, and as i tossed and turned on my bed i wondered how she would feel if i should disappoint her,
“please God help me” i prayed cos i really didn’t know what else to do, apart from to switch off my phone the following day……..

But luckily for me, on wednesday morning my mum invited me into her room,
“my son here is the five thousand naira you requested, but just know that we are not rich and things are very difficult for us, we only have seven thousand naira in this house, but we are now left with two thousand naira please don’t disturb us for money again” she said as she handed the money over to me while i felt happy and guilty at the same time, cos i was robbing my parents because of a girl……….

I returned to owerri later in the afternoon, while Jessica came around late in the evening full of hope. I gave her four thousand naira that same evening and the joy on her face said it all,
“would you like me to spend the night here” she had asked, while i smiled happily and pecked her,
“which guy will say no to such question eeh baby?” i asked while she smiled……..

We made love all through the night, while Emeka turned and tossed on his own corner multiple times which made me to smile, and even though Jessica and i made no noise as we made love, i smiled happily as i saw him toss around in the dark room, and Jessica equally was so sweet especially when she wrapped her legs on my a-s as i knacked her delicious k---y furiously, while my hands were on her averaged sized bosoms, which were already begining to sag to the pressures of my touch……..

Thursday morning she left happily, while only one thousand naira remained in my pocket, and when i saw Emeka’s pointed look that morning, i knew i gave him a terrible night which he won’t forget easily……..

“how about our deal with micheal?” he later asked seriously, while i stared back at him and said nothing cos i had even forgotten about Micheal and our charm………

To be continued…….
Arsenal fans so sorry for your FA cup loss….lol

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