Episode 81

“let me call him immediately” i replied, while he just stared at me and said nothing. I dialed Micheal’s phone number, which soon began to ring but he didn’t answer his phone until it rang the third time,
“guy how far, are we still meeting?” i asked him, while he kept quiet for a while,
“guy i’m not feeling very fine today, lets leave it till tomorrow” he replied, and his voice equally confirmed it, cos he spoke in a low tone, while Emeka’s face beemed with smiles,
“guy have you seen the power of my leaves?” he boasted to me when i ended the phone call and all i did was just to smile…….

“how are you sure he is not trying to play us?” i later asked him jokinly, while he smiled again,
“micheal is not scared of us, so i believe he is truely sick” he replied and throughout that day my ears had no rest, as he kept on boasting of his powers to a stage, where i purposely tried to annoy him in order for him to shut his mouth,
“nawa for you self, what special thing did you even do other than mix acidic leaves together, did it even get my money back for me eeh?” i asked him, while he stared angrily at me for a while before composing himself again, because he saw it was fruitless getting angry over nothing,
“bia this mbano man i will turn you into a cockroach oo don’t joke with me” he threatened and i laughed……….

Friday, i called Micheal again on phone, and when he answered, his voice appeared more faint than the previous day,
“guy i won’t lie to you i’m very very down, i will fix the date once i’m fine” he replied……….

Saturday, i called his phone number again, in order to know how he was faring but he didn’t answer it, till very late in the evening precisely around 9pm, but then it wasn’t even him who answered the phone, but his sister,
“Micheal is not feeling fine, he is at home and i’m his sister do you want to leave a message?” she asked, while i told her not to bother, but seriously i really knew not why Micheal didn’t suspect us, especially with the way i was regularly calling him on phone, i guess he under estimated us………

However one bright friday morning almost a week later, i got a phone call from him, which really surprised me, and at first i thought he had gotten himself and was calling to fix a date when we will meet, but when i heard his voice i froze in surprise,
“guy i’m sorry for what happened during your exam, please if you have a hand in my sickness, free me please i’m dying slowly” he begged, while i lost my voice cos i knew not what to say. I quickly ended the phone call without replying him and immediately ran to the backyard, where Emeka was spreading his clothes to dry’
“guy Micheal just called to apologise” i said excitedly while he smiled,
“i know he will call, his parents have finally taken him to a native doctor which is very wise, but no native doctor can cure him blindly without knowing the exact mixture of leaves or the type of sickness i gave him” he replied, while i stared at his evil smile and i knew not how i felt that moment, cos i didn’t know his leaves will have such powers or drag on, to the extent of Micheal’s life resting on his shoulder,
“how much do you want us to demand before i give them the antidote?” he asked me evily, while i swallowed hard as i stared at him fearfully, cos i never knew my roomate had such powers, but left for me i would have wanted him to free Micheal without demanding any money, but then i knew i couldn’t say that to him and just that moment Micheal called back again………

“give me the phone let me talk to the idi.ot” he said as he snatched my phone……

To be continued……

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