Episode 82

Emeka snatched my phone from me and switched it to “handsfree mode” as he answered the phone call,
“you are speaking with frank’s friend, so how is your body doing you?” he asked with a smile on his face, while Micheal’s end of the line went silent,
“hello! hello! are you still there?” he asked,
“please don’t be offended, but it’s frank i want to talk to” Micheal finally said, while Emeka grinned,
“seems like you are not yet ready to cure yourself, frank knows nothing about your plight” he replied, and there was brief silence in Micheal’s end of the line again,
“so it’s you?” i finally heard Micheal ask,
“hahahaha it’s me” Emeka replied, which i knew surprised him very much and he said nothing again,
“when you are ready to talk, call us back hahahaha” Emeka added, before ending the phone call……..

“so how much do you want us to charge him?” Emeka asked me, while i swallowed hard before replying,
“i think fifteen thousand Naira is okay” i answered, while he gave me a sly look,
“i know it’s the amount you will call, do you think that amount is enough for what we went through in that hostel, or do you think it’s enough for what he did to you eeh?” he asked, while i said nothing, but just that moment Micheal called again and Emeka answered the phone call, after switching my phone to handsfree mode again……….

“i’m sorry bro for everything, please free me, this is my life nah” he begged,
“it depends on how much you are willing to pay oo” Emeka replied without any feelings,
“i don’t have any money for now, and i have already spent frank’s own, just free me bro, i promise to pay when i get better” he begged,
“you are not serious, i don’t blame you sha, because you still have mouth and strength to talk and negotiate, but i doubt if you will be able to talk by next week, till then sha bye” Emeka replied, before ending the phone call, while i stared at him,
“isn’t it better we free him and collect the money later, before we have a corpse in our hands?” i asked with a shaking voice, while he laughed,
“see how scared you are, later you will call yourself a man” he joked, while i looked away cos it wasn’t a joking matter……..

Thirty minutes later, Micheal called again and this time around it was his mum who spoke, taking us all by surprise, and i stared at Emeka with an open mouth, cos i never believed a hard man like Micheal could resort to his mum’s help…….

“my son whatever is the quarrel between you and my son please forgive, and let him go, you need to see his body which looks like a chicken pox patient please biko” she begged, and for the first time Emeka was confused and stunned, cos it is one thing to quarrel with a guy and another thing when his family gets involved…..,…

“mumy your son did a very bad thing, should i tell you the story?” he asked, while Micheal’s mum urged him on, and so he told her the whole story without jumping any part, {though he skipped how we got the charm}, and when he ended, Micheal’s mum doubled her pleading, and even cried over the phone, which really touched us. Seriously parents do go through a lot because of their children………

She however promised to send us ten thousand naira the following day, which she did by sending Micheal’s younger sister, who we met at I.T.C PARK{Imo transport company}. Emeka handed her a sample of his herbal mixture, with a piece of paper where he wrote names of some leaves in it, and till today i still remember the look on her face when she did the transaction with us, and a very beautiful teenager she was{17 or 18yrs old}………

She then boarded the next bus home, while we headed back to our room, ten thousand naira richer, and thus ended our deal with Micheal……….

To be continued…………
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