Episode 84

There is nothing boring like staying in the village alone, and i felt the full power of boredom as i waited patiently at home for my P.D. result to come out……..

Staying in the village without any friend to visit, coupled with irregular power supply really made home like hell for me, and i badly wanted to go back to owerri that period, but my parents won’t let me………..

Ogu {my village best friend} equally avoided me, and i knew not whether it was the problem we had the previous year over a girl or my university{under-graduate} status which kept him at bay, and i really felt like a caged fowl……..

Making new male friends in the village was equally hard for me that period, cos i really had nothing in common with the few guys around and so there was nothing to discuss or make friends over with………..

I spent restless days at home without anybody to hang out with or visit, and most of my old females friends weren’t even around any longer, cos they had all gone their various ways, some to cities to study, while others had gone to learn a trade, and so i really was so lonely and friendless until fate sent Happiness to me……..

Happiness was really what she brought into my life, and from the moment we became friends, my life began taking shape again, as my lonely moments equally disappeared, oh she really was like an angel sent to rescue me from the hands of depression which had almost engulfed me………

She came home from Lagos that year, because of her Jamb and Imsu admission stuff which she was processing, and it was passion at first sight when we met for the first time, cos she really was so blessed with attractive sexual endowments. However her’s wasn’t very busty like jessica’s own, but then i knew it would equally enlarge with adequate amount of good s-x……

We met in a shop were i do charge my phone when we had no electricity, and we immediately got talking, While the way she responded endeared me to her, cos she responded very well, especially after i told her that i was a student of Imsu….. {During that period just few guys from my community were graduates or students of Imsu, and most of them really wasn’t based in the village, and so i had a good influence over girls in my village, during my campus years, which was equally what led to the hatred most guys had for me back then in the village, but currently everything has changed, cos everybody now wants to be a graduate}………….

Happiness was really the kind of girl i wanted at home, even though she wasn’t really facially attractive, she still was very okay,{not beautiful not ugly} and her good assets also gave an additional mark to her beauty……….

I soon pushed Jessica to the back of my mind as i concentrated on my new girl, and she in return handed her love, soul and body over to me with trust, cos my innocent face and fine words decieved her……….

Seriously one thing i very much love in village romance, is the cheap nature, cos with a well played move, you can enjoy a girl as long as you want without spending much………..

Truthfully most village girls are very understanding, and can even help you in times of need, and for Happiness i soon took her to my room days later, where i gave her a sweet kiss, while she stared at me as if she was reading my eyes,
“hope i’m doing the right thing?” she asked, while i smiled as i gave her the answer she wanted to hear,
“yes you are doing the right thing my morning-rose” i replied and she blushed happily as she looked away,

“for your mind you don get campus boyfriend nah” i said to myself with a smile as i watched her blush……..

To be continued……
Coming up later in the evening is our vforum stories……

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