Episode 83

Emeka and i shared the money equally, even though he later bought drinks with his own share which we cooled ourselves with, and it really felt good to have such an amount in my pocket, when i was almost down to my last kobo, cos the one thousand Naira which remained for me, after i had given Jessica four thousand the previous week, was what i have been managing till that day, and if not for the money we later got, i would have packed up my bag and headed home that saturday, moreover we weren’t doing anything again in owerri………….

Monday morning, Emeka packed some of his clothes and headed to Aba,
“guy let me go and hustle, we will see when our result comes out” he said to me while i wished him luck………..

The rest of the week was really uneventful and i spent it alone in my room, cos most pre-degree students travelled after our exam, including Beauty who i used the opportunity to check on,
“i’m at home with my parents, what are you still doing in owerri?” she had asked when i called her on phone……….

Thursday, i began cleaning my room and washing my dirty pots, in preparation for my own journey back home, cos there really was nothing to do again in owerri, moreover my own share of five thousand naira was fast running down, which really gave me no option that to start packing up my things………..

Jessica came on friday to spend the weekend with me, which i very much appreciated, and as we made love that weekend, it looked as if i was banging her for the last time, even though i knew not why it appeared so. Our love making that weekend was very superb as she gave me her all….

She s----d, kissed, caressed me all over, and equally rode me as if i was a horse. Jeez she was so d--n good, especially when she rode me, while her bosoms flipped up and down as she bounced, and the sound of her k---y as it came in contact with my joystick, really made everything so sweet, and so turned on i was as we made love, that i even came very fast in the second and third rounds………….

D--n the sweetness one derives when being ridden by a big as.s experienced girl is really unmeasurable, and i wished that moment to stay much longer in owerri, but then i had no more money. Money the beauty of man, and the honey that attracts women. D--n i cursed again, as i saw all i would miss when i finally travel home……..

“what is the matter?” i heard her ask with concern, as she leaned on me, while i caressed her face for a while and smiled,
“nothing dear, just that i can’t bear to be away from you” i replied and she smiled,
“i will visit more often after our exams” she said as she kissed my lips, while i fondled her bosoms for a while, which made her to moan again. I couldn’t really bring myself to tell her that i was travelling, because she thought i was a full time student, and telling her such will arouse her suspicion, since other Imsu students were preparing for their exams that period………….

Finally after she left for her school very early on monday morning, i grabbed my travelling bag and headed home,
“bye Owerri” i said as i boarded a bus which was heading home, cos i knew i won’t return till when our results are released………….

And i swallowed hard as tears formed in my eyes
“GOD please don’t let me fail my P.D exam” i prayed……..

To be continued…………

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