Episode 85

I kissed her ear and held her waist, while she still looked away and said nothing. I then slowly caressed her shoulders, before moving down to her bosoms where she stopped me, by holding my hands,
“where is your mum?” she asked,
“she has gone to work” i replied,
“dad kwanu?”
“he also has gone to work” i replied, which made her to smile and relax………..

I then freed my hands from her grasp, drew closer and kissed her tenderly, while she closed her eyes even though she didn’t respond or behave as if she knew how to kiss, cos all she did was just to open her mouth a little as i kissed her………..

I soon took off her shirt which revealed her fine bosoms and i wasted no time in pulling down the bra proctecting them, and i then s----d her sweet looking bosoms hungrily,
“chie take it easy” she moaned and wriggled while i s----d and bit her n-----s which stood erect like soldiers on parade ground………

But as i made to pull off her trouser, she grabbed my right hand strongly,
“noooooo not today please” she begged, while i stared at her in surprise, cos the way she seized my hand told me that she was very serious…….

“it’s too early for that, moreover i don’t know much about you” she said, while sweat appeared all over my body, but my joystick still stood erect and refused to go down…………

“why are you doing like a small girl nah eeh?” i asked, while she shruggled as she dressed up,
“can you swear you don’t have a girlfriend?” she asked, which made me to swallow hard as i thought of a suitable answer, but then she immediately continued before i could reply,
“you can’t swear you don’t have one cos i already know you have, and i won’t step into your sexual life till it’s over between you and her, but we will still be friends, we can play together, touch and do some naughty stuffs but no s-x please, it’s just my policy” she said to me as she pulled up her bra, while i swallowed hard as i watched the edible food i thought i was served being taken away, and i just felt like raping her that moment, even though i do hate anything rape, cos there is no pleasure derived from it…………

She then laid on my bed with a smile and rested her legs on my lap,
“what’s that look on your face?” she asked with a wink, while i stared at her and said nothing, cos i had under estimated her, without knowing that a lagos girl will still be a lagos girl no matter how she packaged herself, and my failure to invite her without planning any strategy or move left me in confusion, and it seemed like she was enjoying the whole show,
“d--n this little girl” i cursed in my mind as i stared at her, cos what she meant in her speech was that i should break up with my current girlfriend before thinking of having s-x with her, even though i never did tell her about having a girlfriend……………

I laid down beside her, with a forced smile while she looked into my eyes again,
“why is this girl always staring at my eyes?” i asked myself unhappily and just that moment Jessica flashed me……………….

There was a bad girl smile on her face when she gave me my phone, which was lying beside her when Jessica flashed me, while i equally forced a smile as i collected it……….

But then even though i valued her that period because of my condition, what she failed to realise was that, i hate a girl dictating or telling me what to do, moreover Jessica’s assets wasn’t what i will easily give away because of a lagos girl like Happiness, even though i was very hungry for her cherry, cos i havn’t yet tasted it………..

To be continued…………
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