Episode 87

Jessica was very sweet to me that particular wednesday morning when she arrived, and so happy she was when she saw me that we hugged each other for five minutes……..

“baby what’s wrong? I really missed you, hope you are not returning home again, what really is happening?” she asked anxiously as we hugged, while i smiled to myself without replying her…….,….

Our love making that morning was equally spectacular, cos we brought out all our energy as we rode each other, and seriously she just behaved like a female bull, as we knacked each other roughly, which left us gasping for breathe when we were done………

“you havn’t answered any of my questions?” she asked me again, as we lay beside each other totally spent, while i faced her with a smile, and played with her big naked bosoms,
“it’s family problem sweet heart, but i promise to explain in due time please” i replied, while she smiled,
“ok oo but hope it isn’t affecting your studies?” she asked, while i smiled with “no” as an answer………

By 4pm after knacking an extra round with her, i headed home with a guilty conscience and a heavy mind, while she equally left for her hostel,
“when are we seeing again?” she had equally asked in a caring manner, while i shrugged,
“very very soon dear” i had replied. But then i also was so glad that she wasn’t very inquisitive……….

By 5:10pm i was at home, where i stood with hands crossed backwards as i faced my parents in the sitting room,
“why the poor result?” they asked me seriously, as they gave me a keen look, while i swallowed hard, cos i told them the truth, since i knew i would require them to run around for me, cos my hope of securing admission with my poor result rested on them and so there wasn’t any need lying, since i equally knew they would later find out my real score, if i should lie…………

“i don’t just know what happened, almost everyone had a poor result” i explained, while my dad shook his legs excitedly,
“it’s okay son, i guess school isn’t where your destiny lay, so i think we should start looking else where for your talent, so i suggest instead of wasting more money for your education, we should just buy climbing rope and a matchet for you, so that you can start cutting palm fruits and start earning money” he seriously said to me, while my mum faced him angrily,
“what’s the meaning of that statement eeh?” she asked furiously, while my dad got up angrily and pointed at her,
“woman i wasn’t talking to you, so don’t look at me that way” he replied back in igbo language with a raised voice, while my mum equally stood up and faced him,
“i will look at you any how i like, cos your statement isn’t a nice one” she challenged and stood in front of him.
He just looked at both of us angrily, sighed and entered him room, which he locked when he got inside……

In my mind i felt very guilty cos i had made my parents to shout at each other, which i have never seen them do before……. And so angry was my dad, that he even refused to eat his night meal, that fateful evening……..

To be continued……..
By God’s grace our vstories will start flowing regularly from today again……

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