Episode 88

I felt so bad for being the cause of my parents quarrel that evening, and i equally felt more bad when my dad refused to eat his night meal, and for the first time in many months, i didn’t enjoy the food my mum served me. But then how could i eat when i denied my father his own meal, all because of my unseriousness, which was caused by girls and backed by Micheal who betrayed me on my exam day, but if only i had studied hard, i wouldn’t have relied on anybody, and it wasn’t even as if i was not intelligent enough to have reached at least 160, which even was a poor result, cos no department would offer admission to a student with 170, unless money changed hands or he knew people in high places……………..

I was unable to sleep that night as my thoughts wandered to and fro, as it searched for a clue on how to solve my problem, without any positive result, and tears formed in my eyes as i continued swallowing hard out of despair, cos there really was nothing i could do without my parents help………

“even ordinary nicki got 240, who knows what beauty’s score will be” i lamented, while tears dropped from my eyes, cos i knew the consequences and stigma which will follow me should i fail to secure an admission, and seriously there is nothing more embarrassing than to return home with my properties, after bragging and claiming to be a campus boy, hmmm i would just be the laughing stock of every youth and someone to be used as an example to erring boys and girls……….

My door opened around 1:00am, which made me to sit up on my bed, as i checked to see who it was, and it was no other person than my mum. She stepped into my room and switched on my bulb{luckily we had electricity that night}, and the look on her face showed me that she was filled with grief and touched because of my poor result, but then, which parent wouldn’t be, after sacrificing their hard earned money and trust for someone like me………

“mumy i’m so sorry” i apologised sincerely, while she said nothing, which made me to watch her with a fast beating heart, as sweat equally appeared on my face,
“why do you like to disgrace us eeh?” she asked unhappily, but i just keep quiet and said nothing cos i knew she needed no answer from me………

“you wrote your waec twice, we never complained because we thought it was a mistake, but now i know better. Seriously i was decieved into believing that you are a serious student, and i didn’t even know that we were spending on you for nothing, anyway i won’t let you disgrace me or your father in this community tufiakwa, and just because of it, i’m willing to fight this battle by your side, but just stick it into your head that i’m not doing it for you, but to save our family from embarrassment, and just know that if i should succeed in securing Imsu admission for you, i will also be the one to pick your roomate, who will be someone from a decent family and with good upbringing, so it’s better you go back to that hostel of yours and bring home your things, and just pray that i should find the kind of boy i’m looking for, if not you will move back to your uncle’s house, where you will attend your lectures from, until you graduate” she said bitterly, while i looked up at her happily and with shinning eyes filled with hope…….

“thank you mumy, i won’t betray your trust again, you are the best” i said happily, but She just got up and left my room, without even waiting to hear my response……..

And So happy i was that early morning, that i jumped and danced happily, with God’s praises on my lips, cos i cared not for the condition she attached in her decision, as long as she was willing to help me……….

To be continued……

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