Episode 9

we did three rounds that night, and i really took my time in satisfying her to the core, cos we all know that first impression matters in everything…..

I made sure her bosoms were hot with my caresses, her n-----s hard and strong with my bites, her honeypot wet and burning as my joystick moved to and fro in it….. Seriously she really confirmed me that night and she was equally sweet and gentle as well, and it looked as if our bodies were meant for each other……

“How was it?” i asked her with a kiss when we were done, but she kept quiet and refused to answer me, while i smiled……

I knew she was feeling guilty cos she cheated on her boyfriend, but then it wasn’t really her fault, cos we both wanted each other when the flame of lust ignited between us and there was really nothing we could have done about it, other than obeying the clarion call of nature….

Oh and i watched her silently as she battled with her conscience, which made me shake my head with pity and in understanding to her plight, ‘but then there was no reason crying over split milk’, cos the deed has already been done and we both enjoyed it…..

“i’m sorry about everything and it’s all my fault, please don’t punish yourself but blame me, cos i raped you, which isn’t the right thing, but it is just that i couldn’t hold back myself, cos i have fallen deeply in love with you” i whispered to her, while she faced me and touched my face
“i’m so sad” she whispered back, while i drew her nearer,
“baby don’t blame yourself, cos i’m the one at fault” i said as i gently caressed her hair…..

In order to be a good player, you must learn how to take responsibility of your actions and equally make your guilty partner blame you for everything, even though she may be at fault, cos it really makes you a gentleman which a good player is known for, and it equally makes her to trust you, and the more she trusts you, the more vunerable she becomes to you, and it is a good step for more meals……

And according to the ‘players diary’, “love words, kisses and a bit of care, is necessary on a new prey{lady}, after intimacy, cos it builds her trust on you, which invariably buys you the ticket for another good meal”….

“you are really a nice guy” she said to me moments later as she rested her head on my chest, and we fell asleep together…..

“players are perfect gentlemen when they are after a girl’s heart, but what differentiates a player from a real guy, is what happens to her heart after he has gotten it” girls be careful…..

To be continued……
Hey guys i’m ready to engage in any nice business with anyone interested…. Lol

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