Episode 90

“I don’t know what is wrong, or why you are avoiding me, but it’s okay and i don’t need anybody to tell me that you are tired of our relationship, thank’s alot for everything”

Was the text message i got from Jessica, few days before the {2006} Imsu Matric which held my future as it slowly approached, and her text message came on the wrong time, cos i was still running around Imsu with my mum when it entered my phone…………..

However it equally shocked me, even though she was right to accuse me of being tired of her, but then she got her suspicion all wrong, though i didn’t blame her, cos i equally was at fault by keeping my problems and myself away from her, which then affected our relationship………..

“baby it’s not what you think” i tried to explain when she finally picked my phone-call after the tenth attempt later that evening, but then she didn’t allow me to talk
“i won’t believe anything you say to me unless we meet” she replied, before i could finish my explanation, and the tone she used in replying me, really told me that she was very serious about it,
“okay i will be around on saturday, hope it’s okay?” i asked,
“it’s okay by me” she replied, before ending the call by herself………

Saturday morning, i kept my worries and problems aside and sneaked into owerri without my parents knowledge, cos they thought i went to church that saturday, for the usual ‘altar boys’ preparation, and clean up against sunday’s church service………….

The expression on her face that saturday morning, told me how unhappy she was with me when we finally met, and after greeting me, she just sat quietly on the extreme end of my bed, while i sat beside her with a fake smile,
“i’m so sorry for everything, but the truth is that i kept you out of my problems, because i don’t want you to worry about me, i know you are already suspicious of my movements, but it’s really not what you think” i said to her quietly, while she battled within herself whether to reply me or not, but finally after few minutes of silence, she looked up at me with a very sad face,
“what do you want me to think?, you don’t call me on phone anymore, you don’t even answer my own calls, okay when was the last time we saw each other?” she asked, while i looked down shamefully cos she really spoke the truth, and it had reached a month since we last saw each other……..

“my grandmother is very sick and my mum travelled to her hometown, two months ago in order to be with her, so i had no other option than to go back home and stay with my dad, since i’m their only child, and i have been playing my mum’s role and equally going to school from home all these while, truthfully i don’t have time for myself anymore” i lied ‘sincerely’, while she just stared at me in shock and with pity, cos the way i presented my lie to her was really very touching and convincing, and it worked like magic as it entered deep into her body and penetrated her soul, which opened her noble heart for me……..

“oh my baby, so this is how you have been suffering, no wonder you are so slim” she said with a tearful face as she embraced me, while her succulent soft bosoms sent sweet waves of current into my body, making me forget all my problems as we clunged unto each other sweetly, and there was love in her eyes when she broke our embrace and gazed momentarily at me, before resting her lips on mine……..

Oh and it was so sweet as i tasted the lips of a girl once again……..

“The beauty of this world really lies in the body of a woman”

Silly me…….

To be continued…….
So sorry about the errors in the previous post….

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