Episode 91

As Jessica’s bosoms sent direct waves of current into my body, my joystick heated and charged up with great speed, which equally hurt me, cos my jean trouser prevented it from raising it’s head very well, and in return i felt pain on my g---n as it battled to free itself……..

I felt her hand on the zip of my trouser, as she opened it with my small knicker which i wore inside, before grabbing my aroused joystick with her right hand,

“hmmm even though you reduced in size, your d--k is still as big as it used to be”

she joked, as she freed her lips from mine, and i smiled as we stared into each other’s eyes, while she caressed my giant d--k, which still grew as she worked on it with her right hand……….

D--n the feeling was so great as she worked on it, and when she finally bent and covered my joystick with her mouth, the excitement was way too great, as i felt the warmth of her mouth all over my d--k……

After a minute of slow sucking, she raised up her head and stared at me for a while before undressing, while i equally followed her, and removed every bit of clothing on me…….

We soon faced each other with a smile, while my d--k grew hard as i fed my eyes on her delicious big bosoms, which were waiting for me to suck and handle them……

She bent again as she grabbed my joystick, which she fondled slowly before sucking it again, while my head overflowed with excitement and sweet feelings which engulfed me…….

Her naked a-s appeared bigger than i thought it to be, when she bent low as she s----d me, and as i feed my eyes on it, i massaged her back through her spine region, and finally her as.s which bounced up and down as i played with it………

She finally increased the tempo, as she s----d my d--k fast, and equally played with my balls, which were already on fire, and before i knew what was happening, i came with a powerful t----t, which threw my sperm all over the bed and floor, cos she dodged it on time by removing her mouth from my joystick, when she noticed that i was about cumming………

I breathed deeply, while she stared at me for a while before lying on the bed with her back, and i knelt between her open laps{legs} where i brought my head down and s----d her bosoms one after the other, while my right fingers did their magic on her wet k---y, which made her to wriggle and moan………

Finally after some minutes, my joystick rose again, and i opened my wallet where i brought out an old condom i bought few months ago, opened and wore it quickly, while she turned and raised up her as.s for me, and i penetrated her in a d----e fashion……..

Oh what an as.s she got, which bounced up and down as i knacked her fast,
“no wonder she likes d----e alot” i said to myself, as i held her big fat as.s with my hands, while i moved my waist to and fro as my joystick moved in and out of her hot wet k---y………….

Oh what a great feeling we had that day and there was love and happiness as she stared into my eyes when we were done, which made me to reason that “the poor girl might have been enduring *conji* bite, during the period i was away………..

To be continued…..

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