Episode 92

The dreaded matric day finally approached without my name appearing on any list, which really was very disgraceful, cos it meant i spent six months in school without achieving anything, which equally was an unforgivable offence……

Seriously that day can never be forgotten in my family, cos both my mum and dad woke up very sad and equally refused to talk to me, but then which parent would be happy after spending a huge amount of money on a child, who couldn’t even get a pass in his exam, and is at home while his mates are in school matriculating…….

My mum even refused to answer my greeting that fateful morning, which really shocked me very well, and seriously i felt like committing sucide that day, cos i really couldn’t bear the shame and disgrace i gave to them………….

I woke up that particular morning very confused and clueless on the next step to take, cos i knew my chances of getting admitted after that day was very slim, and there were tears in my eyes as i bit my lips bitterly and with regret. Few minutes later my phone rang and surprisingly it was Emeka calling, i picked his call with a fast beating heart, cos i was scared he was about to tell me that he has finally managed to fix himself in a department, even though i knew no new list was released, but then we all know that everything happens in universities, and that some people get admitted without their names appearing on any list……..

“hmmmm, this one you remembered me today, hope i’m safe?” I asked him, while he laughed in his usual way,
“guy you won’t understand sha” he replied, but then i equally was very angry with him, cos he just abandoned me when i needed him most, and even though we had the same problem, i had expected him to stick with me in order for us to solve our problems together, moreover i equally needed his company which would have at least relaxed my mind a great deal……..

“guy today is matric nah do you have any plan?” he asked seriously,
“plan kwa, which kind of plan will i have on a matric day? I have none oo” i replied, while he laughed again……….

“bros anytime i say that you are too dull don’t get annoyed cos it’s the fact” he said to me, while his insult shook me, but i took it lightly as a joke,

“or have you given up in pursuing your admission?” he asked,
“no” i replied quietly,

“so if that’s the case better hurry now and come to owerri, lets join others and celebrate. Matric uniforms are everywhere for us to use and take pictures with, so better hurry, unless you have given up” he said to me before ending his call, and a smile appeared on my face for the first time that morning, cos i saw reason in his speech, and without second thoughts i dashed into the bathroom where i took my bath………..

My mum said nothing to me when i told her where i was going, neither did she stop me, and so by 9:45am that fateful day, the bus i took to owerri, stopped me at Imsu junction, where Emeka was already waiting for me, and together we walked into the school premises to partake in a matric we weren’t part of……..

To be continued…..
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