Episode 94

I stayed unhappily at home for one more week, till a lecturer took pity on my mum, and introduced her to a senior lecturer who agreed to help us, after listening to my mother’s cry,

“you can start attending lectures in my department, but just leave the screening and the rest for now, i will contact you later for it” he said to me, while i looked at him gratefully and with joy. But then my mother’s joy was the greatest as she knelt happily in appreciation,
“thank you sir, God bless you sir” she said happily to him………

That was how i was given a back door admission and a second chance to pursue my dreams, which i derailed from during my predegree studies, and i knew that moment that i had every reason to be serious with my studies, cos i knew many students scored higher marks, yet failed to secure admission…….

Even though Dad refused to talk to me that day, i saw relief in his eyes when mum broke the news to him, but then another fear i had was whether he would still agree to pay my fees for me, cos i equally knew that i didn’t deserve such help, but as we all know, every parent wants the best for their children whether they deserve it or not……..

“it’s now time for you to bring home your properties or do you prefer to stay with your uncle?” mum asked me later in the night when she came into my room,
“no i prefer to attend my lectures from home instead of staying with my uncle” i replied, cos i knew i would have little freedom at home than at my uncle’s house, moreover i really wasn’t very close to him, neither did i like him……….

“so when are you bringing home your things?” she asked me,
“maybe this weekend” i replied while she shruggled,
“saturday is okay, i will inform and pay Mark to follow you with his taxi” she said before she left my room, while i swallowed hard as i watched her leave, cos i equally knew the consequences of attending lectures from home, which really wasn’t the type of life i wanted, cos i love being free………

But then i knew i had no other choice than to obey her, moreover the year was equally about ending and i knew she would find a new roomate before the coming year for me, even though my prayer also was for the person to be a guy i could tolerate…….

It wasn’t easy breaking the news of my admission and equally the news of moving out to Emeka, but then i choosed to tell him everything directly, and not on phone, which made me to visit owerri on thursday, {two days before the saturday i was to bring home my belongings}..,…….

We met in our room that fateful day, where i told him the whole story {of how i got my admission and my parents decision}, which really shocked him, and made tears to form in his eyes, and he kept blinking as he tried hold it back…….

Seriously there is nothing more painful, than a friend who you messed up your life with, to move ahead and leave you behind, and even though he wished me luck and congratulated me for the admission i finally got, i knew he was far from happy, however i didn’t blame him cos i equally would have felt the same way………

“bro i won’t lie to you, i have given up my Imsu dream, i think it’s better i equally pack out from here and pursue my life elsewhere, i will pack my own properties tomorrow”

he said to me, as he stood up with a very weird look, shook hands with me, and left our room, while i had the urge to ask where he was going, but then something restrained me, and i just swallowed hard as i watched him leave, with prayers on my lips, cos my greatest fear that moment was for him not to commit sucide, because i have never seen him look so beaten before……..

But then it was equally very touching to see him suffer for what we did together, which is life for you, cos sometimes it could be so cruel and unfair……..

But did i learn from it??

To be continued…….

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