Episode 95

Saturday morning, i finally packed my properties with the help of a taxi driver whom my mum paid to help me, and It really wasn’t easy for me that day even though i had prepared myself for that moment, but yet i still felt like a deportee and there were tears of regret in my eyes……..

I spent the rest of that year attending lectures from home which equally wasn’t easy, but then it made me concentrate on my studies for the first time, cos there was nothing to distract me any longer……….

Happiness wasn’t lucky enough to secure admission that year, which really made her very sad and emotional,

“don’t worry dear, you are still very young, this isn’t the end of the world, you can still try next year which isn’t even far away” i advised her, when we were together one wednesday morning, while she said nothing, as she looked down unhappily……

I didn’t go to school that particular day, cos we usually do not have much lectures on wednesdays and in order to save money, i do skip wednesday lectures…… So wednesdays equally was the day i do have time for Happiness, and most times just like that particular day, she do visit in the morning, in order to spend a whole lot of time with me, before my parents returns from work…..

However we were still nothing but special friends to each other that period, cos i really had not gone far with her, mostly because of her refusal for us to take our romance to the next level, and also because i was equally busy running around for my admission stuff……

I drew closer to her and placed my right hand on her shoulder,
“cheer up dear, there isn’t any need crying over split milk” i said soothingly, while she raised up her coloured sad face and stared at me,
“hope i won’t be disappointed next year?” she asked as if i was God, while i gave her a sweet smile,
“just have faith dear, there is nothing your faith won’t do for you” i replied like a pastor, which made her to smile……….

“thanks for your comforting words” she equally said, as we stared into each others eyes, while the force of attraction between us drew us closer, and before we knew what was happening, we were kissing each other hotly…..

“no no no stop please” i soon heard her plead as she tried to break free from me minutes later, but then i was already very aroused and unwillingly to stop, cos we just got started, and the more she tried to free herself, the more i increased the tempo, as i equally reached for her delicate soft bosoms………

“frank i don’t like this please stop” she pleaded again, as i grabbed her left b---m, which i squeezed softly, and a moan escaped her lips…

However i knew that sometimes, ‘stop means ‘go ahead’ in a girl’s dictionary…….
Moreover our friendship equally needed to be sealed with something stronger…..

“frank i’ll bite you, free me jor!” she threatened, while i only grew bolder, cos i was very determined to taste her cherry that day……

Hmmmm why are girls my major weakness??

To be continued…..
Happy sunday

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