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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 96


Episode 96

She didn’t bite me, neither did she do anything stupid, as i continued fondling, kissing and caressing her, and the only audible sound in my room as i worked on her, were just her moans and her feeble voice of resistance, as she pleaded for me to stop………

“oh stop stop please” she pleaded more and more…..

Her clothes were soon on the floor as i battled to take control of her body, which i never did take full control of, because the d--n girl was stronger than i thought, and she kept on resisting, no matter how hard i tried………

I finally managed to force in my joystick into her k---y, minutes later, but then it wasn’t really sweet nor enjoyable, cos she still struggled and resisted, even when i was very well inside her, which i was really able to achieve with the help of my rubber{slippery/lubricate nature}……..

As i moved to and fro inside her, she just struggled with me a little more, before lying motionless with eyes closed
“please stop it, you are raping me” she shouted, which really made all my feelings to disappear, including my joystick which retarded back to it’s original size………

I pulled out from her angrily while she sat up, eyed me and immediately began to dress up,

“see i’m not a cheap girl, i gave you my condition earlier which you are yet to honour, i won’t visit you again, since i have seen that you can’t hold or control yourself bye” she said before walking out angrily, while i silently watched her leave, cos i equally was very furious and too stunned to even talk to her, and because of that little incident, i totally ignored her from that day, as i pushed her to the back of my mind, and focused on other important issues which were still disturbing me……..

And as for my campus girlfriend Jessica, i never did get to see her again till the following year, but then it was mostly because i had no place to invite her{cos we weren’t in the same school, and i equally didn’t tell her when i packed out}, moreover she also lost interest, when we stayed months without seeing each other, and her phone calls equally reduced, but then i really didn’t bother, cos you only bother about someone else when you are comfortable with yourself, which i was far from, that period…..

2006 soon ended and what a year it really was for me, a very busy year and one i could never forget…….

I celebrated my 2006 christmas on a low key, which really wasn’t my type of life, but then i had no choice than to behave very well, cos even though my parents gave me a second chance, they were yet to forgive me, and so i had to pretend and behave myself in order to win back their trust……..

The first week of January 2007 finally approached, and i welcomed it with prayers on my lips, cos i badly needed to move back to a hostel, but my mum was silent about it, which really kept me in great suspence, and even though i had a very big urge to ask of her plans for me, i couldn’t really summon the courage to ask her………

Finally in the second week of 2007, mum came into my room one early morning with a smile on her face “i have found you a new roomate” she announced happily, while i stared at her with a fast beating heart…….

To be continued………….

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17 thoughts on “The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 96


    Please friends if you notice any error in the months/dates used both in this new series and in our main diary story, do point it out so that it could be sorted out and explained please, cos our season one wasn’t seriously written, due to the fact that some characters were left out of the story and we equally didn’t know the story would go this far and so there may be some errors……..

  • Tunex

    Hop ur mum annonces 2 u dt val s ur next room mate.

  • Izuone

    Your mum seems quite caring

  • Izuone

    So your 2006 xmass was very boring!

  • Ijebaby

    The beginning of your relapse. You should have stayed at home 2007 as well 😛


    Oh What A Caring Mum

  • Damex333

    Mummy o o o ,wa pe laye, mummy e e e, wa jeun omo, eni bani ko ni ri be, afoloju,a kan lapa,a ko enu trailer, a kutupa.

  • timsezeh

    …And u went back to ur formal life

  • Petokey

    Val is surely d room mate.

  • delikay

    coolval, d little boi

  • Zinny-zara

    Dat was hw Val came nd u taught him all d bad tins he knws nw

  • Zinny-zara

    U go fear rape na wen she dey moan

  • tochi

    Wow..the gal is really stubborn o

  • tochi

    And Val is the G̶̲̥̅̊
    (•͡.̮ •͡ )
    roommate that was gotten for you

  • Blachberrydude

    [email protected]

  • SailorXY

    u raped her already! u should be in jail hehehehehe

  • Damex333

    After raping ha finish u con dey get angry.

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