Episode 97

“yea i have gotten a new roomate for you, he is from the neighbouring village, and from a good family, he just finished his secondary school last year, and equally got admitted into your school the same year, so get ready cos we will be going to see him when i return from work today” mum also added, before leaving my room, while i jumped up happily. Truthfully my happiness really was because i had gotten another chance to move back to a hostel which really was all i cared for and not because of my new roomate cos i already knew, he would never be my type of person……..

By 12noon on that fateful day, mum returned from work and together we strolled to the neighbouring village which was just a stone throw from my own village. We soon stopped at the gate of a very beautiful one storey building, where we were ushered into a cute looking sitting room. We then sat down and waited for the owner of the house to show up……….

However i really wasn’t happy when i realised that i would be sharing a room with a roomate whose parents were very wealthy, cos i do hate to be intimidated by anyone, but then in order to make my mum happy, i kept my thoughts to myself……

A middle aged woman soon appeared and hugged my mum happily, while i stood up and greeted her,
“your son has really grown into a man oo” she joked while my mum laughed……

After we were served drinks, she sent for her son to come and greet us, while i shook my legs anxiously as i waited……

But then when her son showed up, i gasped with surprise when i saw him, cos standing in front of us was a very young teenager, who was so slim and hungry looking like Oliver twist, and his eyes equally bulged out like a robot which wasn’t well built……..

“good afternoon” he managed to mutter, while i controlled and held myself from laughing, cos not only was he looking funny and out of shape, he equally was a very shy boy who may not have seen much of life……..

“you can take your new friend to your room” his mum said to him, while my mum smiled. I stood up politely and followed the little boy, who even didn’t know that he was supposed to take me to his room without his mum telling him,

hmmmm infact he really was a *mummy’s boy*

i really knew not how to feel that moment, cos i knew it would be very difficult living with such a boy, who was far from being a “guy man” and in my mind i concluded he may even spy on me for my mum,
“no wonder mum is so happy about him” i said to myself……

We soon got to his room where i sat on a small couch, while he looked at me uneasily,

“hi my name is Val” he finally spoke for the first time to me……..

To be continued…..

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