Episode 98

The way he moved his lips when we talked that fateful day, showed me that he was very nervous and probably scared, and i equally suspected that he may even not have a close friend, cos he just behaved like a caged house baby……

But then, even though he looked very innocent, decent, well mannered, and pure, i equally saw in his eyes the hunger to learn, which really made me to like and tolerate him a little……..

I didn’t hesitate to accept him as my friend, even though i knew i really had no choice, but then i accepted him with my whole heart, cos the desire to be a teacher, nanny and a mentor was really so strong in me, and it equally was kind of fun to have a young student who was eager and willing to learn from me……..

We became friends from that moment, and even hanged out for a week in the village, as we got to know each other better. But then i equally saw that he virtually knew nothing outside his books which really kind of surprised me, cos i thought that every young boy no matter how caged he may have been, would have at least a little escapade in his head, but he proved me very wrong, which then left a whole lot of work in my poor hands, cos my new friend needed to be taught from the basics, which really wasn’t an easy thing, and till today i do still remember the look on his face when i first confided in him, the number of girls i had knacked,

“wow frank can a guy be that lucky?” was the question he asked me, while i smiled to myself, cos i saw his future would equally be bright if only he could practise all i would teach him, moreover he had everything a guy needed in order to be attractive……….

And so i prepared myself to teach him the kind of education which he badly needed in order to be a man, and it really was the type of education which no school teaches,

hmmmm *womanology* a special kind of education which opens every boys eyes…….

However Val already had the spirit of adventure in him, but then it was caged by the kind of life which his parents compelled him to live, and so he was just a virgin who loved the things and attractions of the world, without the knowledge on how to utilize them………

My first work on him then, was to change his wardrope which really was filled with out of fashion clothes, and since he had the money, it really wasn’t a big deal transforming him into a gentleman with charisma……..

Truthfully we really had an eventful week in the village, before returning to a nice hostel which our parents got for us……

And as we packed into our new hostel, i promised myself to teach and make Val, the master of beautiful damsels and a conqueror of hearts…….

To be continued……..
I’m so sorry about the errors……

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