Episode 99

we immediately furnished our room with a T.v, ceiling fan, rug, standing fan, v.c.d player, curtains etc, which made our room one of the best, and soon it began to attract our female neighbours, who started coming under one pretence or another, while i studied and searched for a good prey among them, cos we all know how hostel affairs are like, and you can’t just jump on top of a prey without first studying her, if not you may end up being the prey and she the hunter…….

Val watched all i did curiously and with interest, cos the hunger to learn was very much in his eyes, which was what i loved the most in him, and he equally was very open to me, which then made me to be open to him as well, and infact we were like brothers during that period………

Our friendship grew very fast with each passing day, and so strong was it, that we never left each other alone, apart from lecture periods. Slowly i taught him how to approach, compose himself and talk to girls, which i mostly did by approaching them in his presence, while he watched from a distance as i talked to them……..

He really learnt very fast, but then his only problem was on how to summon up his courage and practise all he had learn’t, which was very hard for him, cos he was unable to overcome his shy nature no matter how hard i tried, and so i was left with no other option than to sleep with a girl in his presence, and make him join,
“once he gets his first taste he will overcome his shy nature” i reasoned……..

I tried to settle things with Jessica that same period, but she just refused to honour my invitation, or grant me audience in her school, which really touched me, cos i equally had no strong female friend that period, moreover she also had a good body which i was very much in love with,

“your time has gone, you left me with a broken heart, but it has healed, please don’t ever disturb me again” was the last text message she sent me, while i immediately deleted her number and forgot all about her, even though i felt very bad, cos just like i taught Val, most times we do need to surpress our feelings, in order not to be caged or entangled in our own sorrows and regrets……….

Finally we met Amaka, who was equally the first girl i brought home for Val’s sake……..

To be continued……

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