Episode 2

“have you ever knacked a girl with a fellow guy before?” Emeka asked me two days later, when we were eating akara{bean cake} and bread on a friday morning..
“i don’t understand what you mean” i replied with a question look on my face while he smiled,
“forget about it, you are still a small boy” he said to me and i shruggled, “okay oo if you say so” i replied him with a smile, but then, i pretended not to understand his question because i knew that he would try to convince me to contribute money for a girl who is little short of a love peddler that he had already booked, and knowing Emeka he will definetly want me contribute the highest amount, and my plan really was to pretend not to understand until the girl arrives, and any money i give him then, he will find it hard to reject…..

And truthfully even though we were best of friends, we still followed each other with deceit{or sense} especially when it concerns money for food and s-x………

Yea we really spent quite a bit then on girls cos every penny is really worth counting, and since we do go after the same set of girls together, we always end up spending for them together, cos you can’t buy suya for a girl and not buy for her friend…..

And seriously even though we were spending just a little to get them, i wouldn’t really call the money we spent little, cos if i should calculate all the #100 recharge cards and other small small amount we spent then, it could fetch me a good car……

Saturday evening soon arrived with janet who came from Aba to honour Emeka’s invitation… And when i saw her that evening i gasped at her beauty which was very stunning, while my joystick saluted as usual, and ‘jeez’ she is really a beauty to behold and i really knew not why she choosed that kind of lifestyle, however i wouldn’t really call her a serious love peddler cos she dosen’t stand on the road…….

7pm Emeka switched on our small generator and we relaxed inside the room, watched a movie and ate indomie with egg together…..

“guy i dey interested oo” i later said to him, when she went to take her bath around 8pm and he laughed,
“taa comot there jor, i thought you said that you didn’t understand my question yesterday?” he asked me, “guy forget about it ooo abeg and i’m serious i go pay” i said to him but he shook his head, “no deal bro, the best thing i will do for you, is to allow you sleep here and listen to the sound, i think that will be enough to satisfy you” he said to me with a grin, and i bit my lips angrily, while he laughed at me and increased the volume of the c.d set……

10pm i switched off the generator while emeka arranged our bed, by placing one foam beside the other cos we had two foams…..

Hmmmm, 10:30pm i began to hear “moaning and licking sound”, from Emeka’s corner, after which i started hearing “ewo ewo eyyyeee” from janet and my joystick woke up and tried to leap out from my knicker while i groaned inwardly…..

But then the moaning soon grew louder and i had to open the zip of my knicker in order to free my joystick which had enlarged to its limit…..

Kpia kpia kpia was the knacking sound which soon followed while janet sang “yea yea faster faster”

d--n i cursed as i pulled off my clothes, “me and this boy will fight here tonight if he dares to stop me” i muttered as i reached for my rubber……

To be continued….

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