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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* episode4


Episode 4

Three days later, precisely on a wednesday afternoon, Emeka’s sweetheart and long time girlfriend Lovelyn visited us with her friend……

They came from okigwe, which was equally Emeka’s home town, and my friend’s mood that day was like someone who just won a lottery…..

Lovelyn is the girl that i mentioned in my earlier episode, who was emeka’s most serious and trusted girlfriend and according from stories i heard, they had dated for two years before i met Emeka and i equally heard that he was the one who disvirgined her, but then one peculiar thing which made her very favourable to my friend, was that she allows him to experiment and do whatever he likes with her body….

I knew not whether it was love or stupidity, that made her behave like that but then, the truth of the whole thing was that she trusted Emeka so much with her body, who then used it as a guinea pig or his experimental tool……

She equally was a bit older than i, maybe with a year, while Emeka is also very much older than her, but then she belonged to a family who cared not for the welfare of their daughters once they are through with secondary school……

However she was doing a little business then, which selling of female clothes was among them……

And that wednesday was really hot for them, cos they both behaved like white people, who never cared to hide their intimate life, and even right in the presence of her friend and i, Emeka began to kiss and fondle her in a playful manner while i eyed her friend…….

“baby meet my new roomate Rosy” she later introduced her friend to Emeka who stared at her as if he was about to have her for supper,
“Rosy meet my sweetheart Emeka and his friend Frank” she equally introduced us to her friend who smiled quietly,
“nne you fine oo” i heard Emeka say to her jokinly, while his girlfriend covered his eyes and mouth with her palms, “mechie ónú gi{close your mouth jor}” she said to him playfully, while i calmly made eye contact with Rosy, and we exchanged pleasantries with our eyes, which made my body hot with excitement, cos the damsel was really hot with fine bosoms, open teeth, and a good rounded behind……

Oh i love campus! I exclaimed as i licked my lips while my joystick jubilated inside, and could you guys believe that it was just my second week of moving in with Emeka, and since i moved in with him i had gotten no chance for school or lectures…..

To be continued……
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18 thoughts on “The diary series *frank’s life on campus* episode4

  • tutusaint

    Master frank is about dropping out of school ooo

  • Faymouz

    @tutusaint no em go achieve 2 degree

  • Faymouz

    @tutusaint no he wants to achieve 2 degree @ once

  • sucsex

    Just 2 weeks hmmm

  • Dabrake

    E be like sey I go like do my masters for IMSU oh

  • Brightstar22

    Hehehehehehehehhehehehehehe.. Oga dabrake. Na k---y wan carry you go IMSU so???

  • Franky

    Hehehehehehe me too dey plan master things for imsu once i finish service this year…

  • Ijebaby

    Men will be afraid to marry Imo girls after reading these stories hehehe


    Just 2 wks in Owerri and ur sexcapades has reached unimaginable heights.Na wa o!

  • Zinny-zara

    Frank ur joystick go military training?….coz d tin lyk 2 dey salute pass anytin

  • Zinny-zara

    Finally na 2 degrees frank nd val take graduate…e no easy to read 2 courses @ once

  • Petokey

    Where u go see the time as u dey enjoy k---y

  • Izuone

    Gwam okwu

  • tutusaint

    No be small thing ooo

  • Blachberrydude

    cant stop laughing frank i remove hat for you. I sure say frank fuc.k up to 1000 pussies before e graduate

  • Brightstar22

    @Blackberrydude. Why u no go remove your hat, wey e be say na only bad things u like… ((**whispers to him** guy hope say u get rubber for house oo, cos I dey come collect two**)) hope say no body hear wetin I talk so

  • Blachberrydude

    [email protected]

  • SailorXY


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