Emeka: “you are not going back today”,
lovelyn: “i’m going”
Emeka: “you are not”
lovelyn: “i’m serious oo”

they dragged on and on while i gently made my way to where Rosy was sitting and sat beside her
“hey hope you are very comfortable?” i asked her with a smile,
“yea i’m okay” she answered me with her own smile
“so can we get to know each other?” i asked her as i looked into her eyes and she looked away instantly, which made me to smile, cos i knew that my message was being passed across very well.

According to the laws of attraction, the eye is an important tool for seduction, and if well utilized could make your partner very vunerable, for the next step of romance….

“guy how much you go contribute? My baby and i want to go and buy foodstuffs at the junction, you know our soup is finished” Emeka said to me as he threw a glance at Rosy,
“okay take #500{naira} from the pocket of that jean trouser beside you” i said to him, which he took and left the room with lovelyn……

“you havn’t answered my last question?” i said to her as i held her hand,
“what is it that you wish to know?” she asked me, while i slowly drew her hand and caressed her fingers
“hmmm fine fingers” i said with a smile and she laughed….

“nawaoo all these fine words for me, abeg ooo easy” she said like a market woman, while i licked my lips and admired her further
“she is really more beautiful that i thought” i said to myself…..

Frank!!! I heard someone shout my name moments later, and when i looked at the direction of the voice, there stood chinyere at our door, with hands on her mouth and in shock….

D--n i cursed as i bit my lips furiously, while Rosy slowly withdrew her hand from mine
“why are you guys all the same?, even you frank, i have been here for five minutes watching you silently, but you were so engrossed with her that you never even noticed my presence, thanks for everything” she said before leaving the room angrily, while i cursed again…

“why must she create a scene and still talk this nonsense eeh? Couldn’t she just scream and leave the room, the way her fellow girls usually do?, must she talk and spoil this runz for me eeh, now she don spoil show for me” i said to myself angrily, while Rosy looked at me with a mockery smile on her face….

“please don’t explain anything to me, or tell me that she is your sister or Ex-girlfriend oooo abeg go talk and settle with her now before it is late, because you won’t get anything from me” she said seriously to me while i bit my lips…..

Chai! i exclaimed in my mind, {cos i knew i had lost a home match}……

To be continued……

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