Even though i was beaten in my own game, and equally confused on what next to do, i still sat beside Rosy and smiled as if nothing bad happened, cos one of my fundamental rules is, “never to show sign of defeat or give up while still in the presence of my prey”…

Moreover according to the laws of attraction, “girls do prefer or fall for a guy who is in control of any situation no matter how bad it is”…..

So i calmly sat beside her as if nothing had happened and played with my phone,
“won’t you go and talk things over with your girlfriend?” she asked me after awhile and i shruggled
“maybe if i see her tomorrow or later in the day i will ask her the meaning of what she just did, cos i’m equally surprised as you were, when she said those words, moreover i just packed in here two and half weeks ago and she is just a friendly neighbour who helps me sometimes, but she is still in secondary school nah, and still a small girl, wetin i go use her do, when big girls are everywhere” i explained to her casually as if it was nothing,
“you need to talk things over with her, cos she may be thinking that you are her boyfriend” she advised me, which made me to face her with an innocent expression,
“do you think it is a good idea? Cos i don’t want to hurt her pride, she is a good girl, and i do like her behaviour” i asked her like a confused guy and she smiled to me,
“i think it’s best you tell her your stand” she said to me like a counsellor, while i shook my head and looked down sadly,
“mtcheeew this is hard oo, and i don’t want her to hate me, okay let me invite her immediately, but please i will like you to do the talking since she is your fellow girl” i pleaded with her, even though i knew she wouldn’t accept.
“no you need to do it yourself maybe tomorrow, by then she must have calmed down” she advised with a wink and i thanked her happily, while she flashed me another smile……

But then i was really happy for another thing, which was that i had infiltrated her heart and gained her confidence, without her knowledge, and i equally knew that i had gotten another chance to her honey pot, cos i really was very convincing with my lies and she bought them all without any suspicion of foul play….

but however to be a play boy is not easy, cos you will always need to be prepared and very convincing like a marketer, because 80% of the words from your mouth will be lies, and according to the player’s diary,
“a well told lie is better than a thousand truthful words”….

And as i watched her through the corner of my eyes that afternoon, i licked my lips and prayed for them to spend the night with us, cos i knew she won’t escape me if that happens…..

To be continued….

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