As Early as 3:00a.m of a cold
wednesday, Alex woke up with a
jolt, he had been dreaming. His
eyes went on a tour around the
room he was , The 12feet brown
painted square room which has
no window the only form of
ventilation comes from the iron
gates that reminded him that he
was in the police cell and not his
room. He scratched the spot that
a generation of mosquitoes just
feasted upon on his back, he try
to strech his legs, but the
obstruction only reminded him
of the condition and mode of
sleeping in this cage-like cell. 3
on a roll. Luckily for him, he is
sleeping post was close to one of
the four edges of the room, so
he sat up and rested on the wall,
he looked around, his brain
made a mental count of his
neighbours and he counted 12
criminals or alleged criminals, he
looked at his nearest neighbour,
he was dark complexion man
with long beards that would
make u mistake him 4 osama bin
laden, he was bare chested. He
suddenly remember that the day
after tomorrow is the date of his
trial. He decides to try if sleep can
come and take him away.

‘Hey!’, alex neighbour tapped
him on his back, “stand up and
hear if the officer go call your
name” tunji shouted at alex that
was still feeling sleepy. “wey the
eight cultist wey we carry come
here yesterday” the officer called,
“we dey here jor” they chorused,
“come here make you dey go
your mama house o” d officer
replied them,
when they all went out it then
remained just four men. Alex
then staired at the three of them,
then alex looked more at the
man that woke him up, he is a
6feet tall man, he was the
neighbour that slept next to
him,”hi” if said, the other two
looked at him like he is talking
poo, “hello” his neighbour which
alex later learnt his name was
tunji, answered him wondering
wat brought him here seeing
that he looked like he is in his
early twenty he is 5feet 7inch tall
of average weight, then he asked
alex “what are you in for” this
brought the attention of the
other guys in the cell.

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