Ijebabe caught herself when the fat woman with a very big stomach sat on the bed and feigned anger. Though she was beautiful, her distorted face was enough to be compared with Bance, that Burkina Faso’s defender that scared the devil into believing he was the anti-christ the day he was born. The nurses had abandoned him the moment his lips came out for as they pulled on the lips, it kept expanding without the actual head coming out coupled with the fact that the white hand glove they had on had already turned black. As the body slipped out of the woman’s cuntus, the hospital was t----t into a state of pandemonium, the doctor abandoning his knowledge to study animal science.

“Where are you came from at this time of the night”

Pat spoke out, her voice venomous. I fell down from the lamp stand in a heap with laughter. Even inside her husbands room, she cannot do English Language the favour of speaking pidgin. Yona looked at her his eyes darting here and there before answering her:

“Ehm, I was at ICC hosting the President of Ghana with his wives and other dignitaries.”

At that Pat jumped up.

“And you refused to inviting me, why are you do this kind of thing to me, eh, Yona”

She screamed. Yona appeared clueless than ever as it took him close to 10 minutes to find his voice.

“It is not that, it’s just that I wanted you to rest for some time since you last appeared in public and addressed the nation. You know how those Nigerians think when you address the nation all the time.”

That seemed to have gotten into her head as she smiled and beckoned to him:

“Pori popo baby, come into bed”

Yona smiled, a smile that seemed to add some touch of yellow to his face. I looked at was surprised to see his member turgid, chei, so this man loves his wife well. I turned round and flew away as he climbed into her waiting arms, there was no way I was going to watch what will happen, my life still remains valuable to me.

Ijebabe was right behind me flying gracefully for she feared for her own life too, I thought she was invincible since she had beat me around for expressing my natural trait of mating.

“Yellow, you know that I am still angry that you refused or was scared to harvest that blood for me ehn, how do you intend to take care of me. I am going to make sure you don’t get mated today”

Ijebabe screamed into the wind.

“Not get mated?”

I asked myself over and over again. Does this woman want to kill me or have she forgotten the implication of carrying sper*m seed in my testicles for a long time. It’s like allowing Mazi or Born2fuck to go without mating for hours, suicide mission as they will mate with any insect in sight, they might even go on rampage aiming for us innocent male butts.

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