Anger boiled inside me as I remembered all that transpired during that period. I had witnessed it all and wasn’t happy to see the long faces of people as they fought to digest the New Year’s news. I felt the urge to fly right into his face and bite his nose off, sending plasmodium into his system, making his nose turn larger than it was but I was afraid for my own life. What if he caught me mid-air, the last thing I will like to feel before dying is not his rough hands that he had used to paddle canoe in the creeks before become the head of the Nigerians or being rendered breathless by that huge nose of his.

Yonathan took an object from his wardrobe, it looked fetish that I did not know when I jumped and held hard unto Ijebabe, burying my head into her succulent b---m. It earned me an upper cut which saw me leave my comfort from ontop the lamp stand and fell down lightly on the ground. At least the ugly black man with his yellow nose did not notice as he was engrossed in what ever was in his hand. I looked at the object closely and saw it was a giant transparent leather. Leaping from where I had fallen, I landed back on the lamp stand close to Ijebabe as I watched what he was about to do.

He loosened the edge of the leather and opened it dipping his forefinger into it and raising it to his giant nose. There was a loud sucking in from his nostril that I had to clutch tight to the lamp stand lest I be drawn into his nose. He had taken grinded tobacco leaves otherwise known as snuff. So this man still takes snuff even in the government house. I was appalled but more shaken when I heard a loud sneeze. The figure lying on the bed turned, stretched out some fat looking flabby hand and scratched her face.

“Yona, is that you sneezing and disturbing my peaceful dream”

She spoke out.

“Why did you taking lots of time before coming back home to the room”

I held myself from laughing. Ijebabe was already on the ground reeking with laughter. I watched her amused, this quito does have a beautiful laugh.

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