Most times some of us find it hard to win a girl’s heart, while others keep on changing them like clothes. Seriously there is nothing painful than to watch your friends change girls at random, while you have none, or to even watch a girl you are in love with, fall for another guy……..

I have summarized some tips you could use to overcome this painful dilemna. It worked for me, and i bet it can work for you if well utilized……..

(1) Don’t be scared of rejection/insults:

most times we guys lose girls because we are scared of insults and embarrassments, it truly is a normal routine for Nigerian girls, mostly teenagers and young adults to be insultive when stopped for the first time. Bro just look over the insult and continue with the toasting maturedly oo. I recieved alot of insults during my time, yet succeeded in my quests……

(2) don’t be too *picky or choosy*:

Bros as long as you are not looking for a wife, don’t be too choosy whenever you are going after them, because 95% of the “over attractive” ones are already well hooked, unless you are ready to spend through your nose oo. The moderate and semi beautiful girls are everywhere, and even more sex.y, sweeter and available for you to go after… Abeg focus on them brother……

(3) learn how to joke and play with them:

girls do like guys who jokes and plays alot, more than the serious minded guys… Just ask any around you to confirmay…..

(4) Learn good manners/behaviour:

being very nice, friendly, caring, and courteous to a girl, her friends, and family, makes most of them like and trust you. Always learn to please her even if it means displeasing yourself, lol {don’t frown, once you have gotten her heart you can then start pleasing yourself}. Also learn to be very close to her friends, and sometimes even pretend to be closer to her friends more than her, you will see what will happen {hidden jealousy} which means she has fallenbla……..

{5} Be very social, learn how to speak fluently, and even learn how to lie without stammering:

Girls loves social guys, {eg} guys who can dance, sing, swim, mingle with people, and speak fluently. Please try and learn oneblack…..

(6) Be confident in yourself, and always dress smartly:

girls do love clean guys, and even a little dirt can push them away from you forever. Always dress fine, don’t appear poor or broke even though you don’t have much on you, dress decently with a little *swag* attached….

(7) Eye contact:

hmmm i need not tell you guys the power of our eyes. Use them to your advantage bro, you will notice her always throwing short uncomfortable glances at you……

I bet if you can get all these qualities i listed, or play out some of them, just watch closely and you will soon notice a girl secretly falling for you, even though she may have a boyfriend lolBlv…….

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