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UNICAL: Students Find Dead Foetus In Female Hostel

A lifeless foetus was found
inside a bucket at the Hall Eight
Female Hostel of the University
of Calabar.

The identity of the female
student, who abandoned the
foetus beside one of the
bathrooms, is still unknown.
A female student, who craved
anonymity, said her attention
was drawn to the foetus when
she saw others running towards
a particular direction in the
She said, “I was outside the
hostel trying to surf the Internet
when suddenly I saw girls
running towards the hall. Initially,
I thought it was a fracas, but on
getting closer, I discovered it was
not a fight. It was a dead foetus
which had been abandoned in
one of the bathrooms of the
hostel. The baby was soaked in a
pool of blood.”
The source estimated the
pregnancy to be about five
months old.
“From the size of the foetus, it
should be about five months old.
The unfortunate thing is that
nobody knows who did it, at
least for now, but I am sure that
the person is in this hall,” she
When PUNCH Metro visited the
scene around 4pm, female
students were seen discussing
the matter in hushed tones, and
not willing to divulge any
But another source, who also
pleaded anonymity, disclosed
that the dead baby was taken
away to an unknown destination
by some hostel officials.
She said, “The dead foetus has
been taken away in the plastic
bucket by hostel officials.”
Another source said the foetus
had been secretly buried.
When contacted, the university
Vice-Chancellor, Prof James
Epoke, confirmed the incident.
He said, “Yes, I have the report,
but the identity of the student is
not yet known. We cannot
monitor how they live their
private life. If she had even come
out to tell the school authority
that she was pregnant, we might
have granted her maternity leave
and she continues her education
when she comes back after
“We cannot expel any student
from the school because of
pregnancy. I suspect the
students may have tried to abort
the pregnancy and that was
what led to this. The unfortunate
thing is that we have not been
able to trace the person.”

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