It’s every groom’s worst nightmare seeing their mistress at their wedding,
and this one turned up heavily pregnant, and seemingly intent on starting a fight.

The angry mistress wore her own
wedding dress for the
occasion and goes for the unsuspecting bride who fought back gallantly.

The red-faced groom finally rushes to separate them, and guests help hold the pair back as they continue to try and attack each other at the reception in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.


The uninvited guest later calms down slightly before
beginning a fresh attack on the equally furious bride.
As guests finally manage to restrain the hysterical woman, the groom turns to
his new wife to try and console her – needless to say it doesn’t work.

According to reports, the bride apparently shouted at her rival:

“You didn’t have an
abortion while you could and now you come here with your big stomach.”
She added: “How do I know whose kid it is? Are you trying to coerce us into
buying you a house? Can we afford it?”


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