When a player meets a runz girl
Wahala don come cos tears go flow
Na who go break person heart remain
But me know say the player dey in charge
Wahala don change skin colour
Now na to watch how e go unfold
Me don make up my mind
I must play this girl pass Ronaldo

See me see love for eyes
My pocket dry pass sahara
I don use style take avoid am
But her hold too strong for my head
See as I dey room dey regret
Toto I no see pant no flash
But my pocket just dey grumble
Omo laws of player don fumble

Na so my eyes see my back
As elephant jam elephant for road
Grass no kuku dey dia
Na sand sand just dey watch us
Player don finally meet runz girl
Who go finally win I never know
But I know say player sabi pass
Even though na she first score

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