“dear i’m only trying to help you, the best thing you can do is just to listen and do all i ask of you” she added softly,

“i’m really not into Tessy because of her money” i confessed. She scoffed and stared at me with disbelief,

“abeg stop that joke jor, okay why are you with her? I do know you have a girlfriend so better save the lie. Don’t think for a second that i don’t know you very well mr Val. Do calm down let’s talk business” she murmured with a cunning smile.

Her comment panicked and alarmed me. I gasped and stared at her with fear, wondering how much she really knew about me or whether she was just bluffing.

“God help me” i murmured and sprang up with great fear.

“i’m not your guy Elinor, please find someone else” i murmured defiantly and walked away.
Sometimes fear can draw out a little smartness from someone, especially when confronted with huge danger.

I really couldn’t help thinking about all she said to me as i headed straight to Tessy’s house,

“what a friend” i murmured to myself, wondering how she came to be Tessy’s tight friend.
“Perhaps she’s just her friend because of all these silly ideas she’s habouring” i reasoned.

“you look distant and cold, what’s wrong dear?” Tessy asked searchingly when i got to her house minutes later.

“i’m okay dear, perhaps your eyes are just playing tricks on you” i replied with a weak smile, while my eyes carefully searched for her children,

“hmmmm i don’t think so dear, i know what i’m seeing, anyway i do have a little bad news for you” she spoke softly while i stared at her inquisitively.

“baby i don’t think you can go back today” she held my hand and added softly,

“why?” i asked nervously,

“the only flight bound for Owerri today, already left in the morning” she said carefully. I bit my lips and looked down unhappily,

“you knew all along right?” i accused suspiciously. She shrugged and shook her head,

“no dear i swear i only learnt about it an hour ago when i called to book your flight” she replied quietly.

“d--n” i cursed, and scratched my head. I knew i now had no choice than to spend another night with her unless i was ready to take a night bus back to Owerri, which really could have been the best thing to do if not for the risk involved.

“dear it wouldn’t cost you much to spend another night with me, we can go back to the hotel if need be” she begged softly. I breathed deeply, falling back on the sofa.

My head really was filled with many thoughts that moment. Regret, remorse, doubt and a whole lot of unthinkable things overwhelmed and overloaded my head. I was lost, clueless and indecisive.

“i’m not feeling very fine, hope you have a spare room?” i asked quietly,

“yea dear, let’s check it out” she answered with a smile, stood up and led me to a cute small room at the other end of her house.

“thanks dear” i murmured gratefully, before lying down on a soft well made bed {in the room}. She sat beside me and stared at me with a concerned look,

“would you like to take some pills, you don’t look okay to me?” she asked as she felt my pulse. I forced out a smile and shook my head.

“no thanks, all i need is just a little rest” i replied. She smiled, breathed deeply and stood up.

“the telephone beside you is connected to my room, you can use it if you need anything” she added, winked at me and left quietly.

I soon began thinking about Elinor’s proposal and threat over again, without making much out of it, “how much does she know about me?” i wondered deeply as sleep slowly took over my weak exhausted body.

Elinor’s laughter made me jolt from sleep as if i just had a terrible nightmare. At first i thought the laughter i heard was only a figment of my imagination, but as my head cleared, i heard her voice as she loudly talked with Tessy in the sitting room.

“d--n” i cursed bitterly. The time was 4:30pm..

To be continued..

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