I lazily got up to pee by 1:30am and gasped in shock as my eyes feel on Selena lying beside the toilet door. I quickly knelt by her side, felt her pulse and made the sign of the cross.

She looked very disgusting, terrible and sick with her vomit all over the toilet floor. She totally was very unconscious and half naked.

“sh.it what do i do now?” i murmured with confusion and fear. Her temperature was terribly high and i truly was at lost whether it was the drinks she earlier took or another thing that was responsible for her new state of health.

She really slept soundly when we got back to the room hours ago, though drunk yet healthy and strong like a certified drunkard. So i really was terrified seeing her in that condition.

“what’s happening?” i scratched my head as i thought of how to revive her. With prayers on my lips I shook her violently for a while but my effort wasn’t able to wake her up. I ran into the bathroom fetched a cup of water sprinkled it on her and cleaned her face using my hanky. She weakly opened her eyes and stared at me. Her eyes dark red.

“oh thank God” i murmured and breathed deeply, but a terrible loud cough from her instantly shook and skipped my heart. She coughed again and again.

“awwwwwww” she threw up, forcing me to leap away from her body. I bit my lips and stared at her with frustration.

“what am i even doing here?, what if something terrible happens to her, can i escape it, what will be my explanation?” i reasoned and thought over my stupidity.

“dam.n” i shook my head unhappily,

“val please take me to a hospital, i’m very sick” she sobbed weakly and held her face.

“please be quick, the drinks i took ain’t responsible please take me out of here” she managed to murmur before turning and lying face down on the floor once again.

“See me see trouble oooo, how and where can i get a doctor by this hour, which hospital should i take her to?” i asked myself over and over as i quickly cleaned and dressed her up with shaking hands. It really was a terrible moment for me.

Some of our silly behaviours sometimes dosen’t go without a little punishment by our creator to draw us back to the right path. Yet in most cases we simply ignore the lesson we learnt when we finally skip through, jumping back into the same wrongful path until nemesis eventually comes calling.

To be continued.
Next two updates will be on our Betrayal Series…

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