I looked at her and stroked her hair saying “baby you are really sweet” she kissed me again and said”am glad you enjoyed it” i said yea but am worried about you getting pregnant, she smiled and told me that she was in her safe period and she will still take some drugs when she gets to her room, its better we go to your room now so that you can take the drugs i said impatiently cos i did not fancy the safe period thing. So we went to her room and she took the drugs and i relaxed saying “bad girl” she went to take her shower and i promised to take her out when she was done, she was extremely delighted and i then went to my room to bath and prepare.
We went to crunchies in mbari street that evening the time was around 7:15pm when we got there and we ordered for rice and drinks with an additional take away pack for chinwe, she was really happy cos this was the first time am treating her special like this and i wanted to make her happy atleast to satisfy my conscience a little cos i knew that i was not strongly in love with her and my prayers was for her to understand my situation with agatha cos it seems like she was falling more in love with me and a time might come when she will create a scene when she sees agatha and i watched her as she ate her rice happily, surely chinwe is a beautiful girl who does not deserve this kind of treatment and i wondered how i would feel if someone does this kind of thing to my sister, i quickly pushed the thought away as chinwe asked me “are you okay, cos you are not eating” i smiled at her and resumed my eating and just then i looked towards the door and was suprised to see brother paul{agathas pressumed fiancee} as he entered the fastfood joint hand in hand with a lady, he looked around as he entered{which guys normally do when they enter a fastfood joint} and our eyes met, he immediately shifted his eyes as he went to order something with his girl, “do you know them” chinwe asked me bringing me back to myself for she had followed my eyes “i smiled and said no” as i watched the couple in awe, should i tell agatha i reasoned, but then it would be of no use cos am also guilty of the same crime, but i laughed within me as i watched brother paul doing the exact opposite of what they preach, yoking with unbelievers or is that lady dressed in a very short mini and high heel shoes a member of their church? i wondered as i shook my head….
To be continued

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